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2 year Visitor visa question

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2 year Visitor visa question

Post by mashoodp4 » Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:33 pm

This may be a minor detail but I want to clarify something I have seen on the application form. I am applying for a two year visit visa for my dad , he has been to the UK 2 times in the past 5 years on a 6 moth visit visa , I wanted to apply for 2 years visa to save on cost of applying again and again as he is a frequent visitor.

My question is with regards to Part 1 question number 13, 14 and 15

Part 1 > Travel Dates and Purpose of Travel

12 What is the main purpose of your visit to the UK?

Family Visit

13 How long do you intend to stay in the UK?


14 On which date do you intend to travel to
the UK?


15 On which date do you intend to leave the


As my father would like to visit us the first 2 months initially and then come again some moths later I am not quite sure whether the entry and exit dates that have to be entered in Q14 and Q15 are for his first visit or should I enter dates between the duration of two years even though my father would not be staying whole of the two years ?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Post by abidabzhussain » Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:31 am

can i ask you what supporting documents are you sending as a sponsor to support your dads visitor visa application...

please let me know the list of documents too thanks.
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2 year Visitor visa question

Post by mashoodp4 » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:35 am

abidabzhussain wrote:can i ask you what supporting documents are you sending as a sponsor to support your dads visitor visa application...

please let me know the list of documents too thanks.
List of documents as supporting evidence.
(1)Sponsorship letter from sponsor (son of Applicant).
(2) Attested copy of passport and UK Residence Permit of sponsor.
(3)Bank statements & payslips x 3 months as evidence of finances of sponsor.
(4) Employment letter of sponsor confirming full time employment in the UK.
(6) Invitation letter from owner of place of intended stay and his passport copy ,Utility bill and land registry document confirming free hold ownership.
(7) Joint bank statement of applicant and sponsor's Pakistani bank account confirming additional funds available to applicant.
(8) Agreement of tenancy confirming source of income from property under freehold ownership of applicant.
(9) Applicant's wife's employment letter.

Can any one answer my original question please?


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Post by doc_S » Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:16 pm

Q13,14,15 are with respect to first visit. So you would put something like

Q13. 4-5 months
Q14. 1st August 2013
Q15. 1st December 2013

These are only provisional dates for first/immediate visit. You need to satisfy with letters/ circumstances etc that why you are applying for long-term visitor visa and that the circumstances are likely to be same for next two years hence your father will be visiting you once a year perhaps. (Max stay is still 180 days in a year despite long-term visa)

(My mother has just collected her passport today with 5years family visitor visa :D )

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Post by temmyt » Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:51 pm

Guys can I apply for 5 years family visa for my patents even though they have only been here once and were issued a 6 month visa???

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Post by Casa » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:24 am

Do they qualify? ... dependent/
You can apply to join a settled person in the UK if:
You need long-term personal care to perform every day tasks, such as washing and cooking.
The care you need is not available in the country where you are living, either because it is not available and there is no person in the country where you are living who can reasonably provide it or it is not affordable.
Your sponsor can show that he or she is able to provide adequate maintenance, accommodation and care for you without having to rely on public funds. Your sponsor will need to sign a sponsorship undertaking form to confirm that they will be responsible for your care without relying on public funds for a period of at least 5 years.

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long term family visit visa

Post by varre_v » Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:23 pm

Hello Guys,
I am applying for a long term family visit visa for my mother who is a widow aged 54 yrs.She has been here 3 times before on short-term visa.I am a permanent resident in the UK and stay with my wife and children. My sister also stays here in UK with her family, husband and children. She acquired her british citizenship recently. As my mother is having two of her immediate family members in the UK she will be making frequent visits to see us.

I am wondering if I should be applying for 5yrs visa or 10yr visa? Can someone please advise?