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Extention of DL and correspondence address

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Extention of DL and correspondence address

Post by HRY2005 » Thu May 29, 2014 9:36 pm

Hi guys,

Please I need your help and it's urgent, I am due to send my application in today for extention of DLR issued in 2011.

I am using a different address as correspondence because I should be moving in there fully in 2 weeks due to separation from my wife. Our situation is just the same as we are tired of living in the same house. I'm only moving 2 blocks away and we will share custody of the kids ( 2 British children)

I'm sending my application just the way it is, including my wife's passport and my children's passports (all British passports) documents proving we've been living together since that the last time but by the time my application is due back I won't be here. (I'll file the changes on my next application in 3 years time) if things remain the same.

My real question is would HO raise and eyebrow if I have a correspondence address different from my current home address and not a solicitors address?

Please ask any question you may have and I will be waiting to hear from you.


HRY 2005
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