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Fiance visa advice

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Fiance visa advice

Post by crazyewok » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:30 pm

I am a British Citizen and secondary teaching student in the UK.

I have a Ecuadorian girlfriend of 18 months who wants to get married and preferably live in the UK.

We have both had a very bad experience with UK immigration so far as the bastards wont let her have a tourist visa to visit the UK and she has been denied 3 times of very shaky ground even though I have thrown lawyers and even my local MP at them. Apparently they don't believe sh will return home.

Anyway now we want to marry. And as such thinking of fiance visa so she can see the UK and my family before she decides if she wants to settle here or we live in her own country.

Things in our favor:
-I am a (trainee) science teacher so in a professional job.
-Family has access to some wealth.
-I am a British born citizen.
-We both have clean criminal records.
-I am on PIP for a disability.
-My parents have £130,000 set aside for me when I go to buy a house.
-I have visited her 3 times in Ecuador and we have been for a holiday in panama. So there i evidence of multiple visits.

Things against us:
-I live at home currently while completing my teacher training and gathering money for a mortgage.
-She is dirt poor.
-She has been refused a tourist visa 3 times.
-We have seen each other regularly but not lived together due to the fact I have a professional job and the UK government are bastards and wont let her visit the the UK. Therefore I am restricted to visiting her during school holidays.
- I have a income over £18,000 buts it through student burserys and student loans, though on PIP so that apparently exempts me from the £18,000 limit. Will be earning £26,000 minimum from march.

So whats the best course of action? I want to get her into the UK for late march or April and Marry her in August over the summer holidays.

If refused for this I will have the last laugh as will just bugger off to Ecuador and the UK down 1 science teacher they desperately need plus the £15000 bursary they paid me to train and £30,000 in student loans they wont ever see. March is why we need to get this done as I finish my training and need to decide by then if I am staying with my school as a full time employee or telling the UK to stick it.