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flr m additional docs

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flr m additional docs

Post by » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:25 am

I have a pending FLR(M) application with home office dated 12/12/17.

Although I have provided the copies of payslips with my application along with employer letter confirming that they are genuine but now I have received the originals of those.

shud i sent them these? pls advice?? will it delay outcome???

ca i also mention "Please, can I ask you to expedite my application as my mother in India is not well and I want to visit her."

pls advice

>>>>>>If you need to contact us after you have applied, please do so as follows.
To send us more information about your application, write to the following address (not the one to which you posted your application):
The Home Office
Initial Consideration Unit - FLR(M)
Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road
and give the following details in your letter:
• the applicant’s full name, date of birth and nationality
• any Recorded or Special Delivery number>>>>>>>>>>
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Re: flr m additional docs

Post by » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:56 pm


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Re: flr m additional docs

Post by Casa » Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:03 pm

Send the original pay slips to the address you've been given and mention that your mother is ill. Submitting additional evidence won't delay the application.
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