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FLRM Form questions

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FLRM Form questions

Post by wassap » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:31 pm

Hi Folks,

I hope everyone is well. Im helping a friend apply for Further leave to remain, as his spouse visa is now coming to an end.

I have a couple of questions regarding the form, and i thought i would run it by the good peeps here :

For the financial requirement, he will be using his and his wifes salary to make up the financial requirement. in this case, what do you put in for the salary in Question 7.3 - current annual salary. Would this be his salary only, or both of theirs combined?

Thanks in advance for any help
Submitted on 10/05/2011
Visa application is under process at British High Commission 18/05/2011
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Ready for collection on 22/07/11

ILR granted 19/9/2013
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Re: FLRM Form questions

Post by MikeSpring » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:17 pm

Hi, it can be their joint salary, btw here's an interesting article if your friends are struggling to meet the financial requirement.

Changes to the Appendix FM Minimum Financial Requirement at 3rd Party Immigration weblink removed by moderator

This article really helped my wife and me as we were struggling to meet the requirement, we had to rely on my parents guarantee and my future potential income.

We submitted the application and hope that she will get discretionary leave.