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Help Cat F Financial Reqirments

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Help Cat F Financial Reqirments

Post by Mimic786 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:01 pm


Just started this journey to apply for my wife, doing it myself as i have been reading loads up on the apendix and this forum which is great!.
I have all my docs ready and meet all requirements for proof of marriage, tb test, language etc, but i've come stuck on financials on a tricky bit.

I believe i have to apply under Category F as my family members own shares in the company that employs me.

I work for my parents LTD company, since 2014. They are the only shareholders. i receive a salary of circa £23k a year so above threshold. I have 13 payslips to document my wages, latest one a few days old.

My p60 for tax year 5 April 2019 shows Pay in this employment as £23,620.81

Accountant letter confirms that my gross annual salary was £22,870 for the last full financial year, which corresponds with the company ct600 and 12 month accounting period. The company accounts also documented this amount of wages paid to employees.

My issue is payments which all come from my employers account into mine;

some at the start are cash,
December and Jan were paid together in Feb, (Complete oversight)
April payment was the old amount as wasn't updated on standing order.
few occasions they have been paid in a day late

Date Due Amount Paid Amount Received.
30-Aug 1549.33 30th aug 1549.33
30-Sep 1549.33 Cash 1549.33
31-Oct 1549.33 Cash 1549.33
30-Nov 1549.33 Cash 1549.33
31-Dec 1549.33 15-Feb 1549.33
31-Jan 1549.33 15-Feb 1549.33
28-Feb 1549.33 01-Mar 1549.33
31-Mar 1549.33 29-Mar 1549.33
30-Apr 1555.33 30-Apr 1549.33
31-May 1555.33 03-May 1555.33
30-Jun 1555.33 01-Jul 1555.33
31-Jul 1555.33 31-Jul 1555.33
31-Aug 1555.33 02-Sep 1555.33
30-Sep 1555.33 30-Sep 1555.33

But if i can explain the the reasoning, and get a work letter to take liability for late payments, and accountant cover letter to confirm i was genuinely paid, this alongside my p60 and company accounts should be sufficient?

I know it might be safer to wait till next april to apply, but then i will need to do all paperwork again as most will have expired.

any assistance will be appreciated greatly.

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Re: Help Cat F Financial Reqirments

Post by Korekt » Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:42 am

Were the cash payments deposited into your bank account?

You may not be able to rely on them otherwise.
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Re: Help Cat F Financial Reqirments

Post by geoeng » Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:16 am

As long as the information from your bank statements aligns with what is on your payslips, you shouldn't have any issues (e.g. the amount your payslip says were supposed to be paid was deposited into your bank account, even if it's cash). The February payment of December and January wages is the most confusing bit I think, the more letters and documentation explaining that you can provide, the clearer it should be. Just make sure the pay slips and banks statements you provide align with the financial year being relied upon and that you also provide evidence of ongoing employment since the end of that financial year.
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