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Non EU Mother immigration

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Non EU Mother immigration

Post by gkskumar12 » Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:13 pm

I am a British citizen and my wife is dependent.We recently had a baby.
Now i want to bring my mother from India permanently to UK, to look after our baby and be with us.
what are different the available options.
I have plan to work in Germany for 1-2 years aswell, so is there ay option to bring her there in Germany, if i am allowed.
Please advise if any one can.
Please do not refer me to previous posts, if you can answer me in detail.
Appreciate your patience and help.


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Re: Non EU Mother immigration

Post by MPH80 » Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:03 pm

You will not be able to simply bring her to the UK. Your mother in law would have to be so unwell she'd be unable to help with looking after the children.

The requirements are that your mother in law must require help with daily tasks such as washing and dressing. You'd then have to show that you couldn't afford to pay someone to look after her in the home country, followed by showing you could afford to look after her in the UK.

To bring her through the EU route - she'll need to be a dependant on you - so she can't be financially independant. Please note that this route will also require you to move the centre of your life to that EU country. But she won't have to meet the 'daily task' requirement.

Finally note that if you apply for the adult dependant route under UK law and you fail (and as far as we know almost everyone does given the requirements) - you will rule out any future visitor visas for her.

Choose wisely.