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Post by johnzion » Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:32 pm

My Story

Entered the UK illegally 1998

Caught 2005 by police for drink driving.

Arrainged in court and Fined 200 pounds,and released to immigration.

Detained for 3 months and was removed to NIGERIA 2005

Got married to my British wife in AUG 2008

Applied for settlement visa in NOV 2009

Refused in February 2009,and given a right to appeal,GRATEFUL i wasnt banned.

Wife came down to nigeria FEB 2009 and went to the british high commission to see entry clearance mangager who insisted we had a chance if we appeal on compassionate grounds.


320.11--Criminal conviction--Am yet to pay the fine of 200 pounds

320.18--Illegal Entrant using dodgy passport

320.19--Using my cousin identity to obtain employment thereby contriving to frustrate intentions of immigration rules.

My wife has decide we should appeal on compassionate grounds,we have included a bundle of documents to post with the appeal.

I have applied for a police fingerprint character references from the police authorities in my country stating me to be clean and without any convictions since returning to my country.

A letter of recommendation from my community church which am a member.

A letter of recommendation from my employer.

An official letter of apology detailing reason i couldnt pay the fine as i was in detention,and offering to do so and any other conditions attached to it.

Compassionate Grounds.

My wife is on medication and she suffers from Graves diseases and eye disesaes too.We are including letter from her consultant,Counselor and her doctors.

She is an Highly skilled professional teacher,She is the head of social sciences in her school

She is highly paid and highly recommended.

Her father is 89 years old and she caters for him every week,Her father suffers from chronic heart diseases and has suffered major heart attacks.She is worried he might die anytime soon.

Her daughter suffers from a bad knee and regularly goes for operation and MRS scan.

She has her mortgage,work and family obligations and she needs me to support her eemotionally,

She has also written an official letter of apology on my behalf and has included to pay the fine of 200 pounds and any interest accrued.

Copies of her mortgage,employment,paylips,bank statements,and visa pages,My wife visits me every 5 months and her passport is fill up with visas to nigeria,which costs a lot

Dear people and members,What more can i say or do,Our seperation is really affecting us emotionally,spiritually and financially and we are hoping the appeal wil favour us,she will be attending the oral hearing.

Sirs,is there any tendencies we might win on compassionate grounds,what do we do if we are refgused,my wife is hopeful and we have been advised not to waste money on lawyers

At the moment we are hoping to go to france to spend our honeymoon in april but i am worried about the refusal stamp on my passport,My wife being an EU/EEA citizen,the requirements at the embassy does exclude spouses and dependants of EU/EEA citizen from normal procedures But am worried they might refuse me ,what do i do as she is bent on meeting somewhere not as hot as nigeria and somewhere we could spend time alone and enjoy normal marital bliss.

Please i would welcome your contributions,Thanking you for your response