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Spouse Visa

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Spouse Visa

Post by Rohit15 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:01 am

I am a British citizen by naturalization and want to bring my wife and 2 years old daughter to UK from a Non-EU country. My daughter was born after I became British citizen. I am earning £23000 per annum which meets the financial requirement of a spouse visa with one child.
My query is related to help with housing cost and can someone kindly answer it.
At present, I am renting a small room in a shared flat in London but when they come over here, I will have to find one bed flat or least studio flat which is unaffordable with my salary unless I am eligible to get help with housing cost.
1. Do I have to rent one bed/studio flat when apply for visa?
2. Once my family is here, can I claim for housing benefit or working tax or child tax credit or any kind of benefit to get help with my rent?
If I don’t get help with rent, then after paying rent for a studio or one bed flat I won’t have enough money to feed myself and my family. I need to make the decision based on this information.

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Re: Spouse Visa

Post by Londoner007 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:13 pm

1. You'll need at least 1 bedroom flat with a sitting room which can be counted towards a bedroom. Child will count as needing 0.5 of a room.

2. With your salary I doubt you will not get any housing benefit at all. You will most likely not get any housing benefit at all.
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