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UK Spouse Visa, Category B, 12 Months Income Evidence

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UK Spouse Visa, Category B, 12 Months Income Evidence

Post by Vicarinatutu » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:04 am

Hello everyone.

I'm (British Male) currently looking at what evidence I need to apply for a UK Spouse Visa for my wife (Japanese Female) and Category B is going to be my optional. At the moment I am finishing my job in Japan, returning in early April and hopefully gaining employment over the £18,600 threshold. My previous job paid over the £18600 annual amount.

My questions are about the 12 month, prior income evidence.

I'll be applying with less than 6 months in my new UK-based job. I will apply either if I get a job offer or once I gain employment back in the UK. So I will need evidence to show an income of over £18,600 through my payslips here in Japan.

However, do I absolutely NEED 12 months' worth of payslips? My work finishes on March 31st here, and I'll hopefully be applying in May, with a new job. This will make the 12 month prior income period look something like this:

May-20 0
Apr-20 0
Mar-20 412,000
Feb-20 332,000
Jan-20 332,000
Dec-19 332,000
Nov-19 332,000
19-Oct 332,000
Sep-19 297,052
Aug-19 363,619 (July/August combined into one payslip received in July)
Jun-19 332,000

Total: ¥3,064,671 / £21,524.59 (in current exchange rate)

As you can see, if I get a new job in the UK in May 2020, I will have gained the above amount in the past 12 months (this is hypothetically before any UK job payment). As you can see, I have earned more than the threshold.

My plan was to get these Japanese payslips stamped, translated, with an accompanying letter of authenticity, with a letter of employment etc., as well as banks statements showing all the income going into my account.

However, I would only have 9 payslips for the 12 month period - is this a problem?

April and May would be unpaid, due to my contract ending, moving back to the UK and getting a job there. I only worked a few days in August, due to an authorised unpaid break agreed with my employer. Technically my contract ended on August 3rd, then started again September 3rd. The set amount of monthly pay was the same 332,000yen, but adjusted in August as I only worked for 2 working days, and added to July. September's pay is slightly less than the set amount as I didnt work September 1st and 2nd. However, my overall income over 12 months is still over £18,600.

Is only having 9 months payslip okay? As long as 12 months of bank statements show the money going into my account? As there's no way I can get 12 months of payslips, applying in May 2020 as my work will end in March. With the 9 I can send, I can show that the amount I have received over 12 months meets the requirements.

Is the fact that July/August being combined going to cause a problem? Again, when I show the total income over 12 months, with the other payslips and my bank statements, I can show it meets the requirements.

I hope this is all clear. Many thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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Re: UK Spouse Visa, Category B, 12 Months Income Evidence

Post by geoeng » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:02 am

Vicarinatutu wrote:
Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:04 am
However, I would only have 9 payslips for the 12 month period - is this a problem?
Your other questions were more or less the same and the answer is the same for all of them.

The requirement is not to provide 12 separate months of payslips, the requirement for Category B in relation to payslips is to provide "payslips covering any period of salaried employment in the period of 12 months prior to the date of application if the person has been employed by their current employer for less than 6 months (or at least 6 months but the person does not rely on paragraph 13(a) of this Appendix)". Paragraph 13(a) of Appendix FM-SE refers to the requirement for Category A, which would not be applicable as you have elected to go with Category B.

Similarly, the requirement for bank statements is "personal bank statements corresponding to the same period(s) as the payslips, showing that the salary has been paid into an account in the name of the person or in the name of the person and their partner jointly."
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