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what application can I apply for?

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what application can I apply for?

Post by dchaves » Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:18 pm

Please advice me on what application I can submit. here is the summary

-came to uk as student 2009
-completed my master 2011
-post study visa 2011-2013
-married EEA national 2013
-Marriage broke down after home office deemed marriage as shame.
-detatined jan 2015
-released from detention march 2015 on asylum grounds.
-stopped signing as due to hardship, homelessness, health issues.
-marriage completely broke down due to too many social and mental immigration problems
-met my current partner(single mother of one) 2015/2016
-had a baby with partner 2017.
-continued as family of 4 till date.
-current partner and my son granted 2.5years visa due to first child been British citizen. 2019
-applied for divorce from first marriage dec 2019.

please my question is what application can I submit due to my complicated past.

I would be really gratful for your advice.

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Re: what application can I apply for?

Post by geoeng » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:28 am

I suspect you are likely best getting some professional legal/immigration advice with regards to your options due to your previous UK immigration history and the complexity of your current family relationship. It would appear neither your child nor your current "partner" are British or would be considered settled in the UK, which would typically be the basis for family-type visas. Furthermore, if you are still married, it is questionable whether who you consider your current "partner" would qualify as a partner under the immigration rules. So any application is likely to be rooted in exceptional circumstances provisions and human rights grounds for which professional advice may help build the strongest case for you.
I'm just a guy on the Internet who immigrated to the UK. My opinions are based on my experience and interpretation of the immigration rules and should not be considered legal or immigration advice; your mileage may vary.