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which is the best route

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which is the best route

Post by kipkip » Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:46 pm

hi all
now i want to decide the best route to get to uk. As i have said before i tried to apply for clearance in uk but it was denied, and i was told to go back to my country to apply there, my partner is a british and we have two children. since am in uk illigaly i need help in deciding the best route. i have 3 option

1. if i go back to my country and get married and i apply clearance there, is there any chance of them clearing me? the reason of asking this is because they might look my immigration history and say i was here illegally, also they might look my partner income and say it will not be enough to cater us all.

2 what about i go back home with my partner get married and then my partner come to uk and apply my clearance here, herself. will this work

3.. what about we go back to my country get married and and partner move to an eu country and start working there and i join her and then after 6 month we move back to uk.

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Post by djb123 » Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:34 pm

no 2 is not an option, as you have to apply.

Without knowing your full details it's difficult to say if 1 will work, though if you can afford the visa fee why not try it first, and if it doesn't go for 3?