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Dependent Tier-1 ILR Application-SET-O online when I am British Citizen Already-New UKVCAS service at Birmingham-march19

Please use this section of the board for queries about Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). However please use the EEA-route section for queries about the EEA-route equivalent of Permanent Residence (PR).

This section is relevant irrespective of whether current status is Tiered or Non-Tiered.

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Dependent Tier-1 ILR Application-SET-O online when I am British Citizen Already-New UKVCAS service at Birmingham-march19

Post by AmoAkki » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:11 pm

Hi All,

I thought I will share my experience recently for Dependent ILR Application for my wife and Daughter(9 yrs Old) @ UKVCAS center Birmingham.

Dependents ILR Application(SET-O online form) Date- Saturday -March-19 ( Extra 100 Pounds charge for each Dependent by Sopra Steria)
My Status when Dependent Applied for ILR- British Citizen ( my ILR was done in 2016 and Citizenship in 2017).

We went in Birmingham Sopra Steria Building near Birmingham International- walk-able distance form Train Station.

Appointment time= 12 pm (Saturday Appointment)

we reached early by 11 am.

Process at Sopra Steria Office:

1- They will check your current passport & Appointment booking letter.
2- then you will be issued token number - its written on your appointment Booking Page itself.
3- The your Token will be called for Adult Bio-metric first and then Child biometric will be done separately.
4- then there will be slight break of 10-15 min and you will be called at counter for verification of your uploaded documents.
5- Please note that Officers at Sopra Steria are not Home Office Case workers so their Job is to just make sure all Mandatory documents are any other supporting document that you wish to submit to Home Office are correctly uploaded .if all documents uploaded correctly ( use good scanner- I used Canon Pixma ) they will not have any issues.
6- Officer then informs you that your application is submitted with whatever documents you uploaded and decision will be made based on service you paid.we paid Super priority which is 24 hrs( working hours) decision time.
7- there is no acknowledgement that you will receive at this point but verbally you will be told that your application is submitted--this was bit strange but then we went with that assurance .we reached sopra steria office at 11 am and all process was done by 12:05 pm so we were very happy with service .this is far better than PSC's.

Now Decision making part-
1- as we were informed at point -7 above that decision will be made in 24 working hours , i did not even check our email until Monday 12 noon as I thought it wont be in by end of Day Monday or even Tuesday for that matter but you know what we were surprised that email was sent my home office that Application is success by 11 am on Monday that's hardly 3-4 working hours which is great.

2- As mentioned in Home Office email they said BRP card will follow and we received BRP cards by Wednesday in our letter box.

all sorted and big Monkey off the back as we were all waiting for this ILR application to complete soon....super service by Sopra Steria and Home Office .

Now here you go with Document List that I uploaded for this Successful ILR Application:

Online Documents Uploaded on Sopra Steria Site:

1- Mandatory Documents for Wife:-

a- Consent-part-1 signed by her & Consent-Part-2 signed by me as our Water Bills have both names.(scan)

b- Life in UK Test Cert- she passed this back in 2015 but it's valid for Lifetime (scan)

c- English Language Test Certificate (scan)

d- current Indian passport First & Last Page (scan)

e- current BRP Card (Scan front & back of card)

f- Wife's Home Office letter mentioning current Live to remain ( scan) - This may not be required as BRP card is more or less same thing but I just di that.

g- Marriage Certificate

h- My British Passport Front page- (scan)- again this may not be required....but I did

2- Supporting Documents for Wife:- ( residence & Cohabitation in UK)

a- Utility Bills ( water bills for each yr 2015, 2016 , 2017, 2018 & 2019) - this was Residence Proof as well as Co-habitation proof as our names on this bills.
b- for 2014 yr I submitted her Driving license part-1 DVLA Letter when she applied for her learning License.

c- For Co-habitation( normally required for last 3 yrs only to prove relation ship is husband wife) I provided letting agency's letter mentioning that we have ben living in apartment together since we started letting agreement form 2015.This and point a & b above were enough I think to prove that my wife is living with me and she is living in UK for last 5 yrs continuous period.

d- Previous Passport -Immigration Stamps when traveled form UK.I only scanned the passport stamps when she left or arrived in UK and not entired passport pages.That would be killer for home Office case worker.

3- Supporting Documents for Wife:- ( Sponsor or Finance)- this might not be required but again I did

a- As I am IT Contractor with my own company , I provided Dividends , Paysilps for last 12 months.
b- Accountant Letter mentioned my company is in good financial health and confirming Dividends an Payslips reference for last 12 months
c- My Personal bank Statement for last 12 months mentioning Dividends & Salary paid form my company.

For Daughter -it was easy############all scans remember

1- Her BRP Card
2- Her Birth Certificate
3- her Current Passport
4- her previous Passport which was expired but had Immigration history for last 5 yrs....again only related pages not entire passport pages
5- address proof for daughter was taken as hard and soft copies but not uploaded as it's not at all required .....but just in case

Note- I had taken all Originals with me but I think they only need Originals if your scanner is not good or uploaded document is not clear.

All the best guys...........I am sure you will love new service..............

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Re: Dependent Tier-1 ILR Application-SET-O online when I am British Citizen Already-New UKVCAS service at Birmingham-mar

Post by jayacpr » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:24 pm

Thank you , that was really helpful

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Re: Dependent Tier-1 ILR Application-SET-O online when I am British Citizen Already-New UKVCAS service at Birmingham-mar

Post by AmoAkki » Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:01 am


I am glad that this experience is helping you for preparation of your applications.

One more tip regarding document upload ...specially if documents are lengthy such as last 12 months bank statements etc....make sure you scan in PDF so that size of document is reduced. However for each document max limit is 6MB which is good but still not enough for 12 months statements so divide document in 2 parts upload part1 as 6months and rest 6 months as part-2.....Which what I did...

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