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Single Justice Penalty Notice and ILR

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Single Justice Penalty Notice and ILR

Post by ishan1991 » Fri Jul 23, 2021 9:44 am


I received a FNP for riding an escooter which asked for a fine and 3 points on my DL. I was inquringing about the process to contest from the Met police and they assumed I wanted to contest and decided to send my case to the court. In the meantime, I paid the fine (which they refunded later) and also sent my license to them.

They understood that it was being sent to court in error but said they cannot do anything, after a lot of convincing they said they will send a SJPN via the court so it is easier and I have to pled guilty, they will explain to the court due to an unknown reason the court service did not endorse it in time (I know that still counts as a court proceeding)

I am due to apply for my ILR in 10 months and I have never had any problems, have been in a good job all this time.

I am confused if this will result in a rejection?

It is not my fault that it reached court (due to their misunderstanding - I was only asking about contesting and they considered that to be my decision) and they MET police know it but unfortunately it is the procedure that have to follow.

Any advice will be helpful from a lawyer or anyone who has been in a similar situation


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Re: Single Justice Penalty Notice and ILR

Post by Zimba » Fri Jul 23, 2021 2:27 pm

It should not be an issue. I highly suggest to write a cover letter and explain that you did not contest the FPN and paid it and it was sent to court in error. Get the police to also give a written statement why this has gone to court and why you need to plead guilty and attach that too
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