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Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Please use this section of the board for queries about Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). However please use the EEA-route section for queries about the EEA-route equivalent of Permanent Residence (PR).

This section is relevant irrespective of whether current status is Tiered or Non-Tiered.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by T_Khan123 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:40 pm

Date of Application: 22nd Dec 2015

1. Category: Tier 1 G
2. Number of dependents. 0
3. Total cost. £1900
4. PEO branch. Solihull
5. Documents provided.
a. Set O
b. KoLL
c. Details of the travel outside UK(tickets, hotel bookings etc).
d. Letter of Emplyment & Payslips
e. Bank Statement where salary was being transferred
f. Two photographs
6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years.NO
7. Any Additional Comments.
I was given a separate two page form to fill asking if i have ever been self-employed during my stay in UK. If so, what was the period, type of business, accountant details etc.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by rfd » Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:41 pm

Date of Application: 23rd Dec 2015 Croydon PSC
Visa Category: Switching from T1 G to ILR Set(O)

Brief History: Got my T1 G visa in Jan 2011, for my initial T1 G application I declared income generated from emp + self emp. For T1 Ext and ILR only declared income from employments. All tax matters were up to date and correct amount of tax was always paid on time.

I claimed 90 points, including points for UK MSc. degree (evidence for MSc. qualification was not submitted this time).

Docs I submitted:

1. SET(O) form
2. T1 Ext Approval letter
3. LIUK Test Cert
4. 12 x Payslips
5. 12 x Bank statements
6. 5 x P60s
7. 5 x SA-302s
9. Employment reference letter
10. Letter from employer confirming annual leave (out side of country)
11. 6 x Savings account statements
12. Cover letter

In total it took 2.5 hours to process my application. Case worked review my case for more than 1.5 hours, rest of the time was spent on biometric etc.

Best of luck to all those who will be applying soon.


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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by SYED.ZAIDI » Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:46 pm

Hi, just got back to home after today's successful ILR SET(LR) application at premium service centre Cyrodon.
I have been dependant on spouse through out my 10 years in UK.
A very big big thanks to specially CR001 he always reply to me promptly, precisely and accurately. Thanks to Vinny Obie and Mani too.
My case was straightforward and i have submitted following documents with SET(LR) application form-19th Nov version.
*two phtograph *BRP *Passports *Life in the UK certificate and *B1 English language certificate...nothing else.
it took 2 hours and 15 minutes over all. Cyrodon centre was very quiet today.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by abdsahin » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:17 am

Hi all,
I have got my ILR yesterday as Tier1 - General applicant at Solihull PEO and my visa was expiring in two weeks.
There are two ukba offices in Solihull, we went to the wrong address first. The right one is on the high street, 41 Dominion Court.

I applied as limited company director with 3 dependants. It all took around 4 hours.
First 2 hours were mostly spent for biometrics, presenting documents, it probably took around 2 hours for case worker to decide.

When I arrived at there they asked me to fill in a questionary sheet which I thing is targeting Self-Employed people mostly.

1. question I asks have you ever been as self -employed or limited directory : Yes
2. question confirms in which capacity : self-employed, contractor (this is not IT contractor thing), limited company director : Limited company
3. question to tick years that you have submitted self assessment as a self-employed person. : None
4. question have you used any accountant for self-assessment submission, if so, fill in accountant details. : Put accountant details.

I had taken huge dividend last year in July 2014 at wrong time, which I returned back to company in March 2015 as a loan repayment. My accountant advised me I could cancel the previous dividend and declare it as loan.
I then took a new dividend at the very beginning of April in the same tax year. However I was concerned CW might question me on this, as the loan repayment figures very high and they were on the business bank statements and I wanted to avoid an interview / deferral, so I had taken more dividend in the current year which took me to higher rate tax. It will cost me around £5500 extra tax.
Another costly thing was that I included my UK-born children in the application, had I known I could get ILR on the same day, I would have gone for their naturalisation directly.

Regarding absence I had my first visa stamped in November-2010 and my first UK entry was on 10th of Jan 2011. I then had a my longest absence of 55 days till March 2011, rest of the absences were in reasonable time frame.

In summary, it was quite a costly application, but in the end I got ILR which is now a big relief.

Documents submitted:
Accountant ref letter with salary and dividends breakdown in appendix.
8 months payslips
3 dividend vouchers
personal/business bank statements : 8 months
corporation tax (last 2 years)
vat returns summary from hmrc online (last 15 months) : CW kept it.
invoices (last 15 months) : CW didn't retain the copy
agency contract : CW didn't retain copy
p60 (5 years)
hmrc employment history
child benefit letter : CW didn't retain the copy
co-habitation docs
police registration
company formation letter and share holder structure: CW didn't retain it.
absence sheet + my own company leave letter + previous employer leave letter
absence explanation : CW didn't retain the copy.
previous self-assessments copies
current year company accounts draft
Life in the UK test
Trinity college English language test
previous year abbreviated company accounts. : CW didn't retain the copy
rental contract.

I got the impression they only check the evidences that relates to your case. When I got my papers back, I realised bank statements, self assessment docs were not in order (must be checked)

Key to success: Get prepared very earlie, potentially at least two-three months before for preparing the docs. I strongly advice to company directors to plan their income and dividend withdrawal very well before, at least 15 months so you can avoid any costly mistake.

Wish you all best of luck.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by rahul656 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:11 pm

By the grace of God I got my ILR approved Last week on 6th Jan at Croydon on basis of Tier 1 General.

It took 2 hours upon submitting the documents after biometrics.
Document submitted:

1. Appointment letter
2. Payment Sheet
3. Application Form (SET O)
4. Life in the Uk and MBA degree for qualification and English language requirement
5. Payslips with employer letter ( From 2 jobs)
6. Bank statements
7 . SA302 last 5 years ( as pervious tier 1 and Extn income was from employment plus self employment)
8. Cover letter
9. P60s last five years
10. Passport and BRP
11. Photographs

I did not submit any document for absence proof . I was having 120 days in one go unpaid absence in first year and 55 days paid leaves in remaining 4 years of qualifying period of 5 years. I totally went out of uk 4 times. In form I just mentioned it as medical 120 days , holidays 21 days, holidays 15 days , holidays 20 days as reason.

Thank you very much everybody on this forum and admins

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by samra » Tue Jan 12, 2016 5:50 pm

ILR approved for me and my wife at Croydon PEO. Took long time around 5 hours but no question asked.

1-Set O form
2-two photos each for me and dependant
3-Passports and BRPs, current and old
4-Life in UK, me and dependant
5-Uk degree certificate (me) and IELTS life skills B1 (wife)
6-Self assessment pbs calculator for dependant
7-Letter from employer confirming SOC and salary details
8- Last one month payslip (is this ok or more payslips??)
9-Last 3 month bank statements (main applicant)
10-Last 5 year P60
11-Absences from UK,confirmation from employer
12-Cohabitation documents (last two years):
marriage certificate,
joint bank statements
joint council tax,gas,electricity,water
nhs letters for dependant
home office letters addressed to me and my wife.

Goodluck to everyone

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by Rahul05 » Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:40 pm

1. Category: Tier 1 G
2. Number of dependents: 1
3. Total cost: 3800
4. PEO branch: Croydon
5. Documents provided:
I. SET (O) current version and Payment Receipt
II. All Passports and BRPs
III. Photographs
IV. Cover letter explain overall application and absences
V. Salary calculation sheet
VI. Salary slips for 12 months
VII. Bank statements for 12 months
VIII. Letters for current and previous employers- Including reference and absences
IX. Life in the UK test pass notifications- self and wife
X. Original degree – Self and Wife
XI. PBS printouts for degree showing ten points- self and wife
XII. Marriage certificate and other cohabitation documents
Photocopies were also included.

6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years: None
7. Any Additional Comments:
I had an early morning (08:15) appointment, though I was tempted to change it, as it meant travelling very early in the morning, in the end I didn’t. I was at the PEO at 07:45 and was allowed entry straight in. Token number was given by 08:05 and documents checked by 08:20. While checking the documents we were asked whether we have declared anything in the criminality questionnaire in the form, and the NI number for my wife was requested. We completed biometrics by 08:30 and all documents were submitted. The documents were ready for collection by 09:20.
I had various other documents including P60s, P45s, SA302, and HMRC Employment History, which I carried with myself but did not include in the application. The cohabitation documents provided covered duration since our last grant. The documents included Wife’s bank statements, Salary slips, Credit card bills, Council Letters and UK driving licence.
The forum has been very useful source of information. The questions that generally come to the mind of new applicants are already answered.
Many thanks to the forum and good luck to all applicants!

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by jilka007 » Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:20 pm

Hi All,

Tier 1 General - ILR Approved today. Thanks a lot for all the people in this forum who helped me out.

[b][u]My Situation:[/u][/b]
Permanent Employment only
1 Dependant
5 Years Settlement Route
Initial Tier 1 Grant: 15-Feb-2011
Extension on: 06-Nov-2015 Valid until 15-Feb-2016
Settlement Applied/Approved on: 20-Jan-2016
PEO: Croydon, £3800 (1 Main- Applicant + 1 Dependant)
Absence: 25 Days to India and 5 days to Paris on different time periods.
Appointment Time: 9:30
Approval time: 12:30 (took bit longer than expected)

[b][u]Supporting Documents Attached:[/u][/b]
1. Covering Letter (Stating the quick overview of my application which is optional)
2. Life in UK Pass Certificate
3. English Language - PBS Calculator 10 Points Printout for Me and My wife.
4. Original Degree Certificates
5. 12 Months Payslips
6. 12 Months Bank Statements
7. 2 years Co-Habitation Letters (Council, Water, Statements, NHS letters etc)
8. Photocopies of all supporting documents & passports - Retained by Home Office
9. All originals returned back to Me

Documents Not Attached but still I carried (just in case)
1. P60 or P45 for 5 years - Not required for Tier 1 General granted after April 2010
2. Absence Letter - Not required if absence is less than 30 days.

I strictly followed the immigration rules mentioned in the guidance and various other Home Office documents and submitted the minimum required documents.

Following document will be useful for understanding all the Home Office rules for Tier 1 General to ILR Application.

[b]Tier 1 G to ILR Rules[/b]: ... 1_2015.pdf

If you have any queries, please feel free to send me a private message.
I am not an expert but I can share my experiences if I had missed to mention here.

Good luck to your all.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by rajkash » Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:14 am

Date of Application: 21st Jan 2016

1. Category: Tier 1 G
2. Number of dependents: 0
3. Total cost: £1900
4. PEO branch: Cardiff
5. Documents provided.
a. Set O
b. Life in UK and Degree Certificate
c. Details of the travel outside UK(Air tickets), NOT required as they were returned to me.
d. 12 months Payslips
e. 12 months bank statements
f. Two photographs
g. PhotoCopies - DO TAKE THEM

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by ILRplease » Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:43 am

1. Category: Tier (2 General) - applying via SET(O)
2. Number of dependents: 0
3. Total cost: £1,500 + £400 for PEO
4. PEO branch: Glasgow
5. Documents provided: See comments below.
6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years: No

7. Any Additional Comments:
Appointment was at 10:40, and I arrived later than I had planned to at 10:35. I was security checked and entered at 10:40. My case is pretty straightforward as I have been with the same sponsor for the full 5 year period, on a full-time permanent basis.

I was told by the security guard to go straight to a desk to get a ticket. They asked me to confirm the type of application I was making and whether I had been self-employed or acted as a company director (both no). They gave me a ticket number and I returned to my seat. My number was then called within a minute.

I went to another desk where I was asked what I was here for and then asked to provide my application and also to hand over any evidence that I wanted to submit in support of my application. I handed over my payment summary, application (including photos) and a continuation page for Question 6.2 (list of absences). I then handed over packs of documents split into:

1) Travel documents (current and expired passports & BRP card);
2) Life in the UK pass letter;
3) Employment/pay (letter from employer, 6 months’ payslips and my continuous period calculation); and
4) Bank statements (6 months).

The CW asked if I wanted to submit anything else and I said ‘well I have my P60s if you want those’ and he responded that I might as well include them as they can only help the application. The CW then explained the process to expect for the day and that it would likely take around 2.5 hours.

At this point I almost forgot to give them my copies of all the supporting evidence. I asked if the CW wanted these and he said ‘Oh yes, that will save us some time in copying everything when your case is under consideration’. He was going to accept my application as it was without them though, to it sounds like not providing copies MAY not get you a rejection (at least in Glasgow). However, providing them assists the CW (and therefore your application!) so I would always do it – better safe than sorry.

I was then back in my seat by 10:55. I was called to enrol my biometrics at 11:25 which went smoothly. I went back to my seat and my case status changed to ‘Case under consideration’ at 11:40. My number was called back to the window at 12:05 and I was told my case had been processed and that they would be happy to grant me ILR. They handed me my confirmation letter and original supporting documents, I signed a final page, they explained the postal process for receiving my next biometric card and I left. I was back in my car by 12:15 and SO happy!

The CW who gave me my success letter commented that it must have been a straightforward application since it was processed so quickly.

A point to note: my absences were more than most people I have read about – about 300 days over the 5 years, but I never broke the 180-day rule. All of my absences were for paid annual leave or for business travel. My employer letter confirmed that the business travel periods noted were required by them, and that the annual leave periods noted were in line with my annual allowances.

The whole process went smoothly (but more quickly than expected!) and all of the staff that I spoke to were very pleasant and helpful. I saw other staff helping people and being really friendly overall. I think that's partly a reflection of how friendly Glaswegians are normally but it was really nice to see at an immigration centre.

Good luck to everyone still going for their ILR!

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by yogesh_81 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:47 pm

Thanks to everyone for providing timely guidance and responses to the queries. Really appreciate it :)

Here's my success story -

1. Category: Tier 1 General
2. Number of dependents: 1
3. Total cost: 3800
4. PEO branch: Croydon
5. Documents provided:
I. SET (O) current version and Payment Receipt
II. All Passports and BRPs
III. Photographs
IV. Checklist explaining the documents provided
V. Letter showing salary details (gross, net & date of credit)
VI. Salary slips for 12 months
VII. Bank statements for 12 months
VIII. Letters for current and previous employers - Including reference and absences
IX. Letter from me detailing my absences and eTickets to support them
X. Life in the UK test pass notifications - Self and Wife
XI. UK NARIC ELA letter confirming degree taught in English - Self and Wife
XII. PBS printouts for degree showing 10 points - Self and Wife
XIII. Original Degree Certificate for Self and Attested Degree Certificate for Wife (As we couldn't find her original certificate)
XIV. Cohabitation documents - (Marriage Certificate, Council tax bills, Water Bills, Rental Agreements, Driving Licences)

Photocopies of everything above including copies of all pages of passports were also provided.

6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years: None
7. Any Additional Comments:
Arrived 30 mins prior to appointment time, few people ahead of us already (even though we had an early morning slot on a Saturday). Provided token, then called for verification, called for bio-metric and finally in an hour called to inform about application successful and collection of originals. Overall time taken 2 1/2 hours due to a busy Saturday.

BRP expected to arrive this week.

P.S: Also carried P60s which I didnt submit.


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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by ssa007 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:59 pm

Thanks everyone for replying to my queries.

Here is my ILR success story.

Date : 28/01/2016
Place: PEO Croydon
Appt time: 1.20pm
Main applicant: 1
Dependents: 0

Took nearly 4 hours for the decision to arrive, but it was well worth it.
The following documents were submitted.

1. Payment and Appointment confirmation sheet
2. Completed SET(O) Application form
3. Passport size photos (2 nos.)
4. Passports (2 nos. – 1 expired passport and 1 new passport)
5. BRP Card (1 for main applicant)
6. Personal Bank Statements for last 12 months (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015)
7. Payslips (12 nos. For period covering Jan 2015 – Dec 2015)
8. Employer Letter confirming my employment.
9. Employment history letter from HMRC
10. SA302 for Self employment history from HMRC for past 5 years from 2010 – 2015
11. Life in the UK Pass Certificate (1 for main applicant)
12. PBS summary awarding 10 points for English Language requirements
13. Post Graduation degree certificate (1 for main applicant)
14. Letter explaining Absences from the UK in the last 5 years (1 for main applicant))
15. Copies of all the above documents.

Happy to answer any queries. All the best.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by jaymandalia » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:19 pm

Hi All,
My ILR application has been approved today!

1. Category: Tier 1 G
2. Number of dependents: 1
3. Total cost : 3800
4. PEO branch : Solihull
5. Documents provided
Life in the UK pass certificate
English language requirement proof.
* Certificate from the university.
* Point based calculator print out.
Passport size photos.
Marriage Certificate.
Last 12 months bank statements (Personal) and Bank
Dividend vouchers stamped by accountant.
Salary slips
Letter from accountant confirming the dividend and Salary in 2015 (signed by ACCA)
letter of absence
Printout of the VAT returns for the last year.
Company Annual accounts for all years.

6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years : None

7. Any Additional Comments.

Not sure if everyone is aware but if you are a limited company director, you'll have to fill in an additional form when you submit the application at PSC. Mainly centers around the self employment, assessment returns etc.

HMRC didn't reflect my self assessment returns for the past years, the case worker wanted to check if all the taxes (corporation, VAT , Self assessment) have been paid. She conducted my interview and commented they would request self assessment returns from HMRC; my application was put on hold.

I requested the copies from HMRC myself, took around 2 weeks to arrive. I posted them to the case worker as soon as I received them. got a call from them within 2 days informing the application is successful.

so it took around 2 weeks for them to confirm everything on my application before they could approve.

My advice to all the tier 1 G applicants esp. Limited company directors is to take all the documents and leave no room for chance. i.e self assessment returns for last 5 years, Company annual accounts, Bank statement proof reflecting taxes paid.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck to all the prospective applicants.


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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by ParanoidAndroid » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:29 pm

Myself, my spouse and two minor children were granted our Indefinite Leave to Remain on 29/01/2016 at the Sheffield PSC. One of my children was born in the UK.

Entered the building at half an hour before my appointment and was out of there 3.5 hours later.

Initial Visa: Tier 1 (General)
Last Visa before Settlement: Tier 1 (General)
Initial Entry Clearance: 25/02/2011
Initial Entry to UK: 20/03/2011
PSC Appointment: 29/01/2016 (Initial Entry Clearance - 27 Days)
Last Extended Leave to Remain Granted: 24/03/2014

Documents used:

Application form:
  1. SET(O) Form
  2. Continuations of Section 6 (I do lots of travel for work)
  3. Continuations of Section 11 for Dependants' BRPs
  4. 2x Passport Photos x4 Applicants
Knowledge of Life and Language:
  1. Life in the UK pass letter for myself and spouse
  2. SELT B1 certificate (spouse)
  3. PBS self-assessment printout (myself)
  4. Original Degree Certificate (myself)
  5. Original Letter from University stating that my degree was taught in English (myself)
  6. Original UK NARIC Statement of Comparability for my degree (myself)
  7. Original UK NARIC English Language Assessment for my degree (myself)
Travel Documents:
  1. All passports in our possession including those with original Tier 1 Entry Clearance Vignette. Also included all other passports since then.
  2. All BRPs.
Tier 1 PBS:
  1. Letter from employer confirming individual salary payments for past 12 months.
  2. Salary slips for past 12 months.
  3. Original bank statements for past 12 months showing deposit of salary.
Absences from UK:
  1. Letter from employer explaining work-related absences abroad.
  2. Letter from myself explaining work-related absences abroad from my period as a self-employed person. This was during my initial grant of leave.
  3. Travel tickets for the sole holiday abroad I took with my family while self-employed.
  1. Letter from employer confirming employment and salary.
  2. Mortgage statement for previous year
Evidence of co-habitation:
  1. Council statement addressed to self and spouse
  2. 2x Water bills addressed to self and spouse
  3. Mortgage statement for previous year (same as above.)
  4. Marriage certificate (non-UK)
  1. Original UK Birth Certificate for child born in UK.
  2. Cover letter explaining everything included in the application.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by ch_pavan » Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:24 pm

Date of Application: 21st Jan 2016

1. Category: Tier 1 G
2. Number of dependents: 0 (posting thier application later)
3. Total cost: £1900
4. PEO branch: Croydon
5. Documents provided:
a. Set O
b. Life in UK and English Language pass certificate from Trinity college
c. Letter from employer stating the absences in last 5 years. Total - 90 days in 5 years
d. 12 months Payslips - Permanent employment
e. 12 months bank statements
f. Two photographs
g. Cover letter

In my case I entered the UK on 89th day since my Visa start date. I have mentioned that in the cover letter and as per the 90 day policy I was eligible for ILR even with 4.8 months in country (submitted 26 days before expiry of my current visa)

Total process took 2.5 hrs. No questions asked. Croydon PEO facility is much improved compared to three years ago.

Applied & Approved on 21st Jan (Thursday) and BRP card received on 25th Jan (Monday) evening. That was too quick :).

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by Skiichamp » Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:13 pm

Have used this forum extensively over the months as a passive user. Just wanted to express my gratitude to this forum and hence my first post.

Indian by heart .Came on a scholarship for my Masters Degree 2007. Received PSW and started a business. ( NO IT contractor) . Applied for T1 -G 2011 followed by an extension 2013.

Was anxiously waiting for ILR( strange, dont know why)

PSC- Sheffield
No of applicants : 2 ( me and my wife)
Documents submited
Business Accounts
Bank Statements
UK NARIC for my wife
and the usual others....

Was elated to see from the time of entering the PSC around 8am to my exit. Took exactly 1 Hr 35 minutes. That was some great turnaround. Wasn't anticipating that quick a turnaround.

Choose Sheffield, since had used them before for my extension. Apt choice.
Overall experience fantastic. Just a minor observation at the PSC, it was quiet at first when i entered then suddenly there was a mass influx of applicants. To my surprise ''HALF''of them were AGENTS with their respective clients ( cracking jokes, phones buzzing and brain storming th next big move and ofcourse cricket)...thought their presence should have been a little subtle. But they have to make a living wishing them and all aspiring ILR the very best. Also, majority of the people around here are wonderful barring a few scaremongerers causing a tad bit of anxiety to the applicants. Thank you very much again to the team of IMMIBOARDS and wonderful co-users of this forum for their help. Wish you the best. Lets make our Indian community proud in this country.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by crlbt » Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:13 pm

Just got my ILR in Glasgow.

Tier 2.

Applied 25 days before the entry clearance stamp in my passport.

Submitted ONLY what was required in application. My folder was looking very thing and pathetic compared to other applicants.

Submitted ONLY 3 latest payslips and bank statements.

Had a driving penalty (3 points) and a fine from court on international license in 2012 which I DID NOT mention in my Tier 2 application extension. Mentioned it now in my ILR application.

The whole process from start to finish took about one hour. No questions asked.

All staff is extremely nice and friendly.

Good luck to everyone and stop worrying, everything's gonna be fine.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by astonished » Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:39 pm

I had a successful PSC application a few weeks ago so just wanted to share information on the documents I submitted, my history and how the day went.

1. Category - Tier 2 General
2. Number of dependents - no dependents
3. Total cost - £1,900
4. PEO branch - PSC Liverpool
5. Documents provided

Letter from HR confirming my job title, SOC code, salary, absences (business and personal holiday), confirming my standard hours, that I am paid above the rates as per the codes of practice of the immigration rules, and that I am still required for my role.

Letter from Payroll confirming my payslips are authentic + 6 months' stamped payslips

Original UK degree certificate

Life in the UK test pass certificate

6 month's original bank statements

Current and previous passports

2 recent passport photographs (full name written on the back)

Application form + additional sheet for absences in the last 5 years

Current BRP card

Original employment contract

6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years.

7. Any Additional Comments.

Nationality: Zambian. Completed a Bachelors' and Master's at two UK universities, and have been employed via Tier 2 General since graduating.

A friend of mine used a lawyer to support her application for ILR. They were on Tier 2 General with one employer, and had a straightforward case, but she just didn't want anything to go wrong. I considered using a lawyer as well, but decided it wasn't worth the expense as there is nothing that is complex about my case. I would end up paying them £2,000 just to help me fill out an application form!

I went for a premium appointment in Liverpool as I wanted the decision to be made as quickly as possible, and because I have travel plans. Croydon did not have appointments available at the dates and times I wanted.

Studying for the Life in the UK test was quite easy. I read the official book in about two days, and then did lots of free online practice tests. I finished the real test in about 5 minutes, and thankfully passed! I wasn't quite sure what the purpose of the test was though. Is it to test my knowledge of UK history? Or test my knowledge of general UK culture? It seemed like it's just another hurdle to put in front of those who haven't got the time, money or confidence in the English language to pass the test...

I arrived at PSC Liverpool 30 minutes before my appointment. It was quite literally airport-style security - I thought they might confiscate any liquids I had above 100 ml :mrgreen:

I was given a ticket and less than five minutes later called up to submit my application form,= and supporting documents. I had a bundle of photocopies which they gratefully took as it would save them from having to do the photocopying later.

Less than 5 minutes later I was called to do biometrics and sign a quick sheet with a couple of questions.

10 minutes later I saw my bundle of documents get passed to a was clear they were working on my case. It was getting very real! This went on for another 40 minutes, then my case work was passed to the person who originally took my application form. A little bit of typing and looking through a couple of sheets, and then I got called to the desk.

I was asked to verify the details on a sheet placed in front of me, then got told 'well done, your indefinite leave is approved today!'

Huge relief! My new ILR BRP arrived in the post later on in the week.

Only 12 months to go till naturalisation! I found the PSC Liverpool to be quite professional, friendly and quite efficient. Overall my application took 40 minutes to be considered, but it was quite a straightforward one, with no convictions/cautions/long absences/complex immigration history.

I had a bundle of additional documents just in case (tenancy agreements, credit card statements, letters from HRMC) but was never asked for them.

Hope this helps someone :)

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by mulderpf » Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:45 pm

Date of Application: Saturday, 13 Feb 2016

1. Category: Tier 1 G - ILR
2. Number of dependents: 1
3. Total cost: £3800
4. PEO branch: Croydon
5. Documents provided:
a. Set O
b. Life in UK for both, my original degree and Tier 2 General PBS printout and English Language pass certificate from Trinity college for partner
c. Letter from employers stating the absences in last 5 years. Total - 104 days in 5 years, some for work
d. 12 months Payslips - Permanent employment
e. 12 months bank statements
f. Two photographs
g. Cover letter just stating how I calculated my earnings, since I get paid 4-weekly (thus submitted 13 payslips)
h. Co-habitation documents (joint letters, mortgage proof for house we bought, council tax bills, utility bills - tried to provide two years documentation spaced approximately 4 months apart)

Appointment was for 09:15. Parked at 08:24 and was allowed to go in. Was number 27 in queue (ticket number 127). After biometrics were taken, we were told it was going to be about 90 minutes, so we could leave and come back later (if I had to do it again, I would have gone earlier and used this time to go have something to eat).

We got our documents back around 11:35 and approval letters.

BRP's arrived today (Wednesday, 17 February).

Was significantly easier and less worry than initial application or extension (although still that lingering doubt of "what if it isn't approved").

EDIT: I used to travel for work with my previous employer, however, they had no real record of it. Their letter simply stated that I had to travel for work, they had no records of it was so long ago (2012) and gave the dates that I told them I travelled for them. The letter also simply stated that I had 25 days leave and never took unpaid leave. It didn't state my leave dates either since they did not keep those records either.
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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by kanswam » Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:29 pm

I have today successfully got my ILR. I thank the contributors to this forum, moderators for sharing information on what was required. Especially, those that have had their application deferred or rejected for some reason or other. It is tough to handle a situation where your efforts and handwork of 5 years goes down the drain or your life put on hold even for a short duration while a decision is made.

PSC : Sheffield
Category: Tier 1 G to ILR
Dependents : 2
Work: Limited Company Director
Documents submitted: To the point only.
1. Letter from Accountant and 1 page of Management Accounts
2. Dividend Declarations
3. Business and Personal Bank statements (to match salary and dividends taken)
4. Invoices

A questionnaire was provided at the centre asking me to fill in some information relating to my past employment/self-employment history which I did. I submitted the SA302 that I had got from HMRC as supporting document for the questionnaire. I didn't attach them with my initial submission.

It has been really scary reading all the experiences (?) and/or posts from other members on the need to submit needless documents like Company registration, VAT payments made, Corporation taxes paid, Company annual accounts etc. I didn't have any of those documents with me even though I have paid them. I believe there is a bit of grey in the way my company accounts were handled in the end but the point is HO does not care about your company. They are interested only in your personal income details and how you earned them. It reflected very clearly in their questionnaire itself where it said "Does not include a Company Tax Return for a Limited Company"

I shall post additional details a bit later along with the questions asked in that questionnaire. Should anyone with Limited Company background have any queries, kindly reach out to me.

Thank you once again for all the help that I had received on this forum.


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Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by susheel » Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:20 am


I would like to share my experience so other users may get some help. By God grace myself, my spouse and two children were granted our Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK. I had applied for ILR through the route of Tier 1 General VISA (5 Years) with 3 dependent

Date of Application: 16 Feb 2016
Total cost : 7600
Documents: Main Applicant
• ILR (Indefinite leave to Remain) Application Form (SET (O) Version 11/2015)
• Original Passports
• Original BRP Card
• 2 passport size photos as per ILR specifications
• Original Life in UK Test Result
• Original Engineering Degree for English Language & Qualification
• Accountant Letter
• Original 12 Salary slips each (Permanent Job + LTD company)
• Last 12 months Bank statements
• SA302 (Optional)
• Letter from the Employer for Paid Annual Leave
• Original Council Tax document & other Utility Bills for Cohabitation and Address Proof

Documents: Dependents (Spouse and Two children)

• Details of 3 Dependents included on the same application form as used by the main applicant
• Original Passports of each dependent
• 2 Passport size photographs for each defendant as per ILR specifications
• Original Life in UK Test Result with degree for the Adult Dependents (Spouse)
• UK NARIC Certificate for English Language Requirement (Spouse)
• Original Marriage Certificate
• Original Birth Certificates of both the children

BRP Received : 24 Feb 2016

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by mrajkumar » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:39 am

ILR Approved:

1. Category: Tier 1 G
2. Number of dependents: 2
4. PEO branch : Croydon
5. Documents provided
Life in the UK pass certificate
English language requirement proof.
* Point based calculator print out.
* Degree Certificate from Home Country University.
Last 12 months bank statements (Personal) and Salary slips
Current Employer Letter
letter of absence
Co-Habitation Documents.

6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years : None

7. Any Additional Comments.
I entered UK in March 2011, went back to home country in 2-April 2011. Came back to UK at the end of May 2011. I did not provide any document for this. I applied 25 days before my 5th year anniversary.
I was a Full time employment for last 5 years but with multiple employers.
Even-though my application is straight forward, I went through a solicitor to avoid the hassle/stress.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck to all waiting to apply.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by colinjg » Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:30 pm

ILR Approved:

1. Category: Ancestry
2. Number of dependents: 1
3. Cost: £3800
4. PEO branch : Croydon
5. Documents provided:
Current/previous passports
LIUK pass certificates
Ancestry Proof: various birth and marriage certificates
Current Employer Letter and current year payslips
Previous 4 years P60s
Spreadsheet of absences and company letter of absence
Full bank statements last 6 months, front page previous 18 months
Co-Habitation Documents back 2 years: gas bills, voting cards/letter, council tax letters, HMRC letters, tenancy agreements, NHS letters

6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years : None

7. Any Additional Comments.
We used an immigration consultant to review the documents and suggest changes.
Appointment at 1000, decision by 1300
A very smooth process.

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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by middletier 1 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:17 pm


I would like to inform you that by grace of GOD myself and my two dependents were granted ILR. I really thank and appreciate the forum members for their support and help. I had applied for ILR through the route of Tier 1 General (5 Years) and here are the list of documents I had submitted.

Date of Application: 24 Feb 2016
1. SET (O) Application form (11/2015)
2. Passports/BRP Cards
A) Main Applicant
1. Current & Expired Passports Original
2. BRP Card Original
B) Dependent (Spouse)
1. Current & Expired Passports Original
2. BRP Card Original
C) Dependent (Daughter)
1. Current & Expired Passports Original
2. BRP Card Original
3. Photos
a) 2 photos per applicant (Total 6 photos)
4. Life in the UK & English Language
A) Main Applicant
1. Life In UK Pass Certificate
2. Original Bachelor’s Degree Certificate
3. PBS Calculator print out confirming the degree scores 10 points
b) Dependent (Spouse)
1. Life In UK Pass Certificate
2. Trinity College London GESE Grade 5 B1 Level English Certificate
5. Tier 1 points scoring assessment
A) Previous earnings: I have claimed 45 points
Documents provided, I am ltd comp. director
1. Pay slips
2. Dividend vouchers
3. Personal Bank Statements
Note: Salary and dividend transactions have been highlighted in the respective bank statements.
4. Business Bank Statements
Note: Salary and dividend transactions have been highlighted in the respective bank statements.
5. Income (Salary and Dividend) Summary letters from Accountant
6. Management accounts from Accountant
7. SA 302 and Tax year overview original documents from HMRC: (for 11-12, 12-13, 13-14 and 14-15)
8. Corporation Tax Documents from HMRC and CT overview documents (for 11-12, 12-13, 13-14 and 14-15), CT and VAT payments highlighted in the above business bank statements.
B) Proof of Qualifications:
Points Claimed: 35 – As per Initial grant
C) Proof of UK Work Experience:
Points Claimed: 5 - Evidence: Same as for Previous Earnings
6. Cohabitation
1 Council tax bills/statements
2 Previous approved Tier 1 (General) letters
3 Main applicant’s Bank statements (Bank Statements submitted as a part of previous earnings evidence)
4 Dependent’s Bank statements
5. Annual gas/electricity summary documents
6. Polling Cards
7. Letting agent document
7. Continuous Residence
1. letters from employer explaining my absences for continuous 5 years’ period
8. Photocopies of all the supporting documents

The overall experience was very good and no questions were asked and my case was approved in just 1.5 hrs.

Once again many thanks for all the forum members.


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Re: Successful PEO/PSC ILR applications

Post by karthikravi » Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:44 pm


I had my ILR approved on the 15th of February from Cardiff PEO office. The whole process took only about 1 hr 45 mins. I had booked the first appointment for the day at 08:30 and there was no one else for the premium service along with me. The staff were very helpful and clear on their instructions.

BRP card was received on the 18th of February.

1. Category
TIER 1 General

2. Number of dependents

3. Total cost

4. PEO branch

5. Documents provided
Life in the UK Pass certificate
12 months payslips
4 years P60
12 months bank statements showing salary payments.
Degree Certificate
Letter from Employer detailing absences from UK including Annual Leaves, Salary, Position and residential address.
Last 3 years Council Tax and Water bills
2 Photographs

6. Absences more than 180 days in any of the qualifying years
No but provided letter from employer detailing any absences from UK as per new requirement.

7. Any Additional Comments.
I had been to Cardiff previously for TIER 1 general extension as well and typically is very less crowded.