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Citizenship Application: Birth Certificate/ Marriage Certificate

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Citizenship Application: Birth Certificate/ Marriage Certificate

Post by raja.brit » Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:03 am

Hi All,

Good morning.

Applying for Citizenship for an elderly relative's who is over 70+yrs of age next month.

Issue is she was never issued with original birth certificate in home country (1940s). She also didn't registered for marriage as it wasn't culturally required in rural village where she lived in 1970s.

All she has is a birth certificate issued by embassy of her country.

Citizenship website states the following:

** If you do not have your birth certificate (or marriage certificate/civil partnership registration if married to or are the civil partner of an Irish citizen) you should get it from the relevant authorities in the country where your birth and/or marriage/civil partnership was registered before making an application for a certificate of naturalisation.

In certain limited and exceptional circumstances a birth affidavit may be accepted in lieu of a Birth Certificate where you can show satisfactory evidence that the certificate is not available and cannot be obtained. If you are not in possession of, or have lost, your birth certificate, an affidavit will NOT be accepted. You must
obtain it from the relevant authorities before applying. ****

My question is will a Birth Affidavit and Marriage Affidavit from Irish Notary will suffice and wont cause any issue with application?

@obie @littlerr or anyone's who has similar experience, your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanking you!

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