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Irish grandfather foreign born during WW1 (Mauritius) - eligibility for irish citizenship query

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Irish grandfather foreign born during WW1 (Mauritius) - eligibility for irish citizenship query

Post by Emjay27 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:40 am

My grandfather was born in Mauritius in 1916, to an Irish born soldier during WW1.
His birth was registered as a foreign birth in the Irish Civil Registration Index 1845-1958 in Dublin. This seems to have been due to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriage (Army) Act 1879 enabling Irish servicemen to verify their marriage and offspring birth details for legal purposes during WW1 if they had children born abroad (more of his children were also born elsewhere on other military postings to Malta and England).
My grandfather went on to have his own children, including my father in England in 1940. My father was not/has not registered on the FBR before my birth in Australia in 1985.
I'm getting the impression that entitlement to citizenship by descent stops with my father (based on his Irish born grandfather...the soldier).
However my grandfather's nationality is also Irish....born whilst his father was on military posting to Mauritius. He never acquired another citizenship.
I'm not sure if there are privisions made for military service as a 'public service' during the war....and if my grandfather can in effect be deemed to be 'born on the island of Ireland' due to these circumstances. I can't find anything specific on this kind of situation.

Any info would be much appreciated. Is anyone else in this situation with war time births?

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