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Property and affidavit documents for student visa

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Property and affidavit documents for student visa

Post by Wowie » Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:14 am

1.One of my sources of funds is my education loan for which I have kept my house.
What documents of the house will be needed other than - deed,building tax and land tax?
2.Will it be included in my net asset evaluation?
3.All my documents have to be translated to English (the bank property documents I mean) so should I submit a translated version for the evaluation or is it okay to translate later ?
4.Should affidavit be attested by the notary ,judicial magistrate or gazetted officer.
5.How much living expenses per year should I show ? The INIS says 7k but then I read somewhere else that it's 10k.
6. Is it okay if I get the net asset evaluation before paying the fees or should it be after ?

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