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Student visa - Sponsor and Proof of Accommodation question

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Student visa - Sponsor and Proof of Accommodation question

Post by Yet28 » Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:19 am

Hi! I’m currently in process of applying for my postgraduate student visa in Ireland

I just have a few questions regarding the sponsorship and proof of accommodation,

My aunt is going to sponsor my studies as my father just retired from his work last year, My aunt paid the full tuition fee, she can also provide a bank statement, work cert and pay slips, we can also provide a letter on why she is shouldering my tuition fee, I also have more than 7000Euro in my account (it is in my account for more than 6 months — savings from my previous work) as a proof that I can shoulder my expenses in Ireland . My question is, Is there going to be any problem if my sponsor is my aunt and not my parents when we already paid the tuition fee in full?

With regards of Proof of accommodation, I would be staying with my friend who is currently in Ireland now, They said that they can just add me in the lease contract (we just need to ask the tenant) . My question is the lease contract with my name on it is enough proof? or I need to submit a proof that I paid the accommodation? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Student visa - Sponsor and Proof of Accommodation question

Post by littlerr » Mon Mar 22, 2021 9:54 am

1. It's not a 'problem' but you need to address it properly. You need to explain in detail why your aunt would be willing to give you such a large amount of money. Common 'Asian' explanations like 'family members help each other' don't normally work well with westerners. For example, you can show financial interdependencies between your family and your aunt's family.

2. A lease will be fine, but it needs to come from the landlord. Just make sure it has everything they need (like name, start/end date of the contract, monthly rent amount, address, landlord contact details etc).