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Travelling to Scotland via NI - non-EU passport?

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Travelling to Scotland via NI - non-EU passport?

Post by irishlad » Wed Jun 02, 2021 12:52 pm

I am Irish and my wife is from Brazil with her Brazilian Passport and IRP, she is a permanent resident (Stamp 4).

As the Covid-19 restrictions have eased we are possibly planning a driving holiday to Scotland to the highlands later this summer. We would firstly drive to Northern Ireland and then catch a ferry to Scotland.

This will be our first travels since our marriage and prior to this my wife was travelling as a singleton with her Brazilian Passport on its own strength.

We don't want to end up in a situation where she gets accused of entering the UK illegally if there was some checkpoint! As you can enter Northern Ireland via the open border and the ferry to Scotland is internal with no checks either. I'm not entirely clear on how the Common Travel Area works in this regard since she is Brazilian and normally gets a 6 month stamp to enter the UK.

In my own head I am thinking ideally we should attend a UK Immigration office in Newry or Belfast for example to stamp her into the UK before heading onwards to Scotland, with a similar call to a Garda immigration office in Dundalk or Dublin on the way back home?

I have no idea of how this works and don't want to fall foul of some bureaucracy either.

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Re: Travelling to Scotland via NI - non-EU passport?

Post by littlerr » Wed Jun 02, 2021 1:16 pm

Brazilian nationals do not require a visa to travel to the UK for short visits less than 6 months. So no you don't need to do anything. Even if you decide to travel by plane, when she arrives in the UK she would not go through any immigration either.
(And the whole purpose of having a Common Travel Area is so that there is no internal border between the UK and Ireland.)

Remember to bring her passport and IRP card as she might be asked by an immigration officer before she enters Newry (or when she comes back via Dundalk).

Although I have driven up and down between NI and ROI dozens of times and was never stopped once, it's always good (and a mandatory requirement) to have an ID to prove her eligibility to enter either country.

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