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UK visit with non-EU previously EUFAM wife

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UK visit with non-EU previously EUFAM wife

Post by mmsa » Mon Mar 22, 2021 7:58 pm


I am a British citizen and my wife is non-EU, she is currently under the visa scheme that replaced the EUFAM after brexit and has a permanent residency permit in the republic of ireland.

Before brexit we used to visit my parents with no issues, wondering now that brexit has happened, does she need a visa and what type of visa. We visit usually for less than a week.

I am currently working full time in Ireland but may move back to the UK in a number of months/years, what advice can you give me about preparing for this in terms of wife's visa.


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Re: UK visit with non-EU previously EUFAM wife

Post by littlerr » Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:14 pm

She will need a standard visitor visa for short-term visits. 95 pounds for 6 months.

Regarding moving back to the UK, see the page below which has all the details you need, including the deadline and documentary requirements. ... sh-citizen

If you don’t move back before the deadline, and if no other agreement is reached between the UK and EU at that time, she will need to apply for a family visa (which takes way longer to process and requires more documents and is more expensive):