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Moving to Kurdistan - bank accounts/phone contracts

This is an area for the discussion of matters related to issues about moving from one country to another. Examples could be about money transfer, moving and packing, validity of driving licence, etc..

It is not a general non-immigration, free-for-all area.

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Moving to Kurdistan - bank accounts/phone contracts

Post by LeylaJ » Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:30 pm

Hi there,

I am born British and in may/june i am following my partner (he is in detention centre but signing to go back voluntarily) to Kurdistan for at least 6 months.

Does anybody know what arrangements i will need to make before i go? Like with my bank account, i have an account with Halifax and with Barcalays too, will i be able to access and put money in/out of them from a different country or will i have to open an account over there and just take cash with me and close the accounts?
On my halifax account i am still paying for my phone contract so i need to be able to put money in there for my contract to be paid.
On my contract phone does anybody know if it is possible to change your Tariff so that you can swap your UK minutes to International minutes as long as you are still paying the same amount each month? As i don't want to still be paying my contract for nothing, and that way i could use the international minutes to phone home to my family and friends in the UK. i wish i could cancel it but unfortunately you cant cancel a contract.
If there is anything else you can think of that i might need to do then can you please let me know, i've never been there before so i have no idea what needs to be done!


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bank and phones

Post by giuseppenero » Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:00 am

If your partner is from Kurdistan, try asking him some questions.
Have you thought of talking with your banks and phone company?

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Post by chana » Sat May 21, 2011 5:04 pm

Hi Leyla,

Im british/italian married to a kurd. As far as i know they don't use bank accounts etc in kurdistan so you will probabily be better taking money with you. You will need to contact the phone company regarding changing to international minutes but not all networks will work in kurdistan. The cheapest way to speak to your family in the UK will probabily be online, you can download skype for free and there is a lot of internet cafes in Kurdistan.
Kurdistan is a beautiful country, the kurdish people are so friendly and welcoming.I went alone to meet my husbands family for the 1st time last yr and loved every minute of it, i hated leaving. Im going back in July, cant wait. Hoping to move their in the future.
I hope you have a safe journey and a wonderful time in Kurdistan.