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1Can an oversea student buy a property in the UK?
2IT jobs in UK and WP Sponsorships
3EU regulations....
4Looking for an IT job in the UK
5Looking for an IT job in the UK
6Looking for an IT job in the UK
7"Defacto Visa"
8Student Condition and ILR
10Student Condition and Work
11marrying and then studying
12Work permit renewal
13how do i get a job in the u.k?
15Awful mess to be in
16Umbrella Comp. is ILLEGAL for a work permit holder!!!!
17More skills removed from Shortage skills list
18More skills removed from Shortage skills list
19Idea: Using fake name for mass-marketing your CV
20How much does it cost at
21Job after MBA in UK
22Job after MBA in UK
23Hector/ need to consider this...
24UK attitudes towards immigration & racism
25MSc in the UK?
26Non EU housing mortgage
27How to find workpermit sponsor ?
28dual citizenship
29info pls
30update on UK WHV's
31Jobserve newsletter on UK IT industry
32help me with some info
33Police registration
34Police registration
35Government to double the number of work permits issued
36Issuing work permits to agencies review
37finding a job without a job permit
38Europe Becoming Unified Fort...
40current Passport Endosement time from workpermit UK
41My mother is an AUSTRIAN Citizen.I have permanent residency
42In country WP application from new employer.
43Freedom of Movement in EU
44Getting ILR
45IT market still in trouble
46HSMP - Got it!!
47Leave to remain on an in country work permit
48passport Endorsement at Croydon
49started own co. want staff.
51advice plssssssssssss
52Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam’s speech in Hyderabad, India: MUST read for every Indian
53Moving to UK from US will I be double taxed?
54WP extended, but Leave to remain still being considered
55Age Limit
57UK unemployment falls
58just need a one word answer
59tourist visa to work permit
60Is getting Council Tax Single Occupant discount considered accessing Public Funds!
61Student and public funds
62my partner has a British passport
63German National Resident in the UK
64A widow needs advice
65holiday maker visa
66Change of employment on multiple entry wp
67defacto spouse...
68Wishing to stay in England......
69Wishing to stay in England......
70Three languages IT helpdesk WP
71Work Permit Status
72entry clearance
73Is U.S. law degree equivalent to PhD for work permit purposes?
74For Hector, Chris.....
75low cost courses for international students
76IT Programmer ??
77Home Student
79UK work permit
80Need soon suggestion
81can someone Please help?
82American seeks work permit
83Important Question
84European country Legal status
85Question reguarding HSMP
86Amtrak International Service
88UK work permit
89Indefinite leave to remain ..Application form
90WHV - Immigration Question??
91Summary of the Entire Work Permit Extension Process
92work permit
93Hong Kong BNO Passport Holder
94Working holidaymakers
95Need just one word answer
96Hi! Working Holiday for the Japanese?
97Non-EU visit to student ...
98tourist visa -> study permit within UK?
99Information Needed ??
100Work Permit in IT
101work permit for teachers
102Agency Review
103FTV Scheme
104i've got job as a can i go for work permit
105Friends wants to work in London... where to start?
106Chances to get work permit
107Resources for helping find employment in UK
108Visit to Ireland - on 1 year spouse visa
109Non IT Employment agencies - UK
110I am MCDBA. I want job in UK .
111Dependants daughter
112work permit extension time
113Marriage Visa Procedure ?
114UK Ancestry
115marriage / student visa
116After 14year stay in UK, Illegal becomes Legal
117period between student visa and business visa under eaa agreement
118HSMP success
119Stamping of workpermit
120Best medium to advertise the job
121how do i change my student visa to working visa
122IT Work permit for UK
123Advice on UK work permit for South African
124Fiance Visa
125Visiting from the US...
126changing jobs
127Anyone gotten a tier 2 wp?
128working holiday maker working while dealing with tier2 advertising
129same job, same department, different company / mortgages...
130Dependent Visa for wife
131Work permit validity
132Work permit or ILR dilemma
133Fiance visa, some questions...
134TWES switch or Marriage or ?!
135Student status worry
136Can i start the filing of petition while in different country
137Quick WP question for Hector or another expert
138Should I worry?!
139student graduating and seeking work permit
140Introduction of Visas for south africans
141please advice
142can any1 answer this?
143Question for Experts PLEASE HELP
144Attested copy of passport?
145Hi need a help
146I am FoxPro/Visual FoxPro Programmer 10+ Exp., Need Help
147changing jobs on WP
148Queries re:WP
149student seeking work and permit
150for Hector or...anyone who can help
151Can anyone answer or recommend. Thanks
152Immigration question
153new managed migration boost
154UK Un-married Partner
155Old wine in new bottle! Help!
156Going to Croydon to extend student visa.
157Child Benefit for Work Permit Holders
158question on visit visa
159Do I need 2 UK citizens to be my ILR referee?
160This may sound dumb but..
161Is Croydon Office Shutting the 13th of Dec??
163UK job websites
164student dependent - seeking job in uk
165student vs. HSMP?
167paying taxes in home country after leaving
168advice for student in UK
169Relocation -
171For Administrator's Eye's Only: IND web-site
172Work Permit Info
173work permit Cancelasion
175waiting for a visa under the EAA agreement since 97, please help
176Do UK Citizens get EU Passports these days?
178HSMP: in UK, but visa application (FLR)?
179Girl friend visit
180Working Holiday Visa for UK
181Staying longer
182how can i immigrate to the uk
183Driving Licence
184The best approach to migrate to UK????
185spouse visa help
186a few questions?
187Nemco consulting
188HSMP granted
189Irish Resident want to work in UK
190Will you accept this job???
191Work permit
192Work permit holder and child benefit
193Worl permit application
194My son is a dual (U.S. - U.K.) citizen...
195Is it illegal to marry someone just to stay in the country?
196Technical Director and moving to UK
197HSMP Renewal
198who, where, when, how do you apply for uk workpermit
199Looking for a job in insurance marketing
200Changes to UK common law visa???
201Time in PhD counted in ILR?
202How to show family ties?
203HSMP permit extended successfully
204Family visa
205HSMP after Working Holiday
206HSMP Application Form Question
207HELP!! Visa granted but...
208The European Parliament has adopted the proposals on freedom of movement for EU
210New UE members
211Got my HSMP
212NHS Health care = public funds ?
213Working Holiday to WP
214Work Permit application
215Urgent help requested!!!!!!!!!!!!
216Any givers?
217New immigration measures come into force
218Do they ask for original Documents?
219remote working ..illegal or not
220HSMP renewal and employment
221HSMP - August 2003 changes?
222HSMP - What if..
223Change of Address
224Register with police?
225Is presence of dependent a requirment?
226Will a three month without pay holiday harm my ILR application in future?
227Work Permit to HSMP
228WP to HSMP - further infor req.
229ILR experience at Croydon
230HSMP application charges
231WP to Student Visa
232Hated work permit holders
233HSMP - 12 month earnings question
234Tax and NI for Workpermit holders
235Tax and NI for Workpermit holders
236are photocopies allowed
237HSMP Experts, Please advise
238 HSMP Changes ?
241time limit after getting HSMP to enter UK
242HSMP Medical
243visa processing fees within UK
244Studying while on Ancestory
245Looney Cat, Britanny and others please Help ...
246Pls Help Me!UK Ancestory Visa Questions, Urgent!
248HSMP renewal application submitted!
249HSMP renewal application submitted!
250HSMP renewal application submitted!
251Clampdown on illegal workers
252NEW EU Members
253HSMP to dependant? Help please.
254hsmp extention
255Your first interview & a job offer
256WorkPermit Advice Needed pls.
257Reply from Home Office : British Nationality
258HSMP renewal application! Critical information!
259HSMP renewal application! Critical information!
260WP : Change of customer / place of work
261HSMP stamping
262HSMP - IT Professionals
263A Question Of ILR
264Time frame for sending oath of allegiance
265Work permit for the dependent of Student VISA
266How to get IT jon in USA or UK
267HSMP Medical
268Quality of Life in UK, compared to US & Canada
269HSMP renewal - smooth as butter
271Speedy naturalisation
272Pharma grads fm India
274foreign postings on WP
275change status from workpermit to student inside uk
276HSMP Should it be Typed or handwritten
277HSMP Form
278HSMP eligiblity
279Indians issued most UK work permits
281ILR and British Citizenship
282Validating a visa up to 3 months forward ???
283do they really care?
284ILR - please post your comments
285ILR - please post your comments
286ILR - please post your comments
287ILR - please post your comments
288business visa
289What documents are required for wp
290Help: HSMP, NARIC Certification ???
291ILR --Long Residence
292New EU members welcomed
293New EU members welcomed
294ILR and Employment in EU(Gr, Fr & Hol)
297New Immigration charge (£500)
298exempt nationality in HSMP
299ILR Employer Letter
301Kayalami Please comment
302over stayed
303Moving to UK
304At last got HSMP VISA
305At last got HSMP VISA
306How is IT jobs in UK?
308HSMP: Comparability of Russian PhD degree
309UK Employment for American citizen?
310Silicon Valley falls to Bangalore - FYI
311change of company add, Kayalami comment needed!,
312Visa for the baby born in UK
313Bank Loans
314HSMP qualify to work for US firm in UK?
315increase of fees for work permit applications.
318Tools to Fill out HSMP forms
319Bank Account...?
320a question....
321ILR Approved!
323Halifax you need help!!
324UK Cost of Living/Expenses
325Document required for HSMP
326Banking/Finance Jobs
327ILR status
328Pay 1mn pounds, get UK passport - FYI
329HSMP visa Rejected!!!!
331waiting time
332Notarised documents
333New tax from March 04
334Interesting news! US, UK IT professionals seek jobs in India
335Worth giving up Malaysian passport?
336PR and Income tax
337IT Market not bad after all...
339What country needs sound engineers?
340What country needs sound engineers?
341Will the honeymoon be over?
342HSMP and continuous stay
343Grace period ended ?
344HSMP Tracking
345HSMP Tracking
346Waiting time for HSMP Extension application?
347We are looking for moderators.
348We are looking for moderators.
349HSMP passport validity
350Got HSMP approval: My Doc details
351The package just left the building...
352The package just left the building...
353old and new passport
354Can Teacher be hired by Supply Agencies?
355change of address
356Full time work in Uk
357Using lawyers to apply for HSMP
358contents of Earnings statement
359comparision of degree
360FYI - India specific
361Job Search with HSMP !!!
362UK considering restrictions re: new EU members
363HSMP points for education
364silly mistake?
365Question about Past Earning in HSMP
366can I qaulify HSMP (Under 28 years) ?
367Do I qualify for British ILR?
369Just received the result
370Can I Show 27K Earnings on Student Visa In Uk?
371Got ILR
372Doncaster misplaced my application..
373HSMP holder ======> Tourist/Visit visa to U.S
375ILR one month before ? Wife does not want ILR
376settlement visa for the uk
377Work Permit to Permanent Residency
378Work Permit - ILR
379Validity of HSMP 1 year or 2 years?? i got for 2 years ?
382Twisted Problem ILR
383ILR Granted (14yrs)
384Can my wife and child join me later?
385Britain MAY change procedures for EU asscension countries
386ILR application at Croydon
387HSMP EC validity is now 2 yrs
388HSMP EC validity is now 2 yrs
389HSMP EC validity is now 2 yrs
390HSMP application going, going, almost gone!
391Well, it's on its way...
392new topic
393can i get a work permit to UK.
394Off topic
395UK High Commission Pakistan
396Urgent: Visa revalidation: somebody please suggest me
397Marrying EU Citizen... in the UK
398Is HSMP permit valid in Ireland and Scotland?
399When they charge the card?
400Old rules on the IND site
401Landed in London
402UK Taxes
403Currency Conversion for Past Earnings
404reference letter
405HSMP Application: Officially Lost
406That's interesting
407That's interesting
408Worker registration scheme for EU asscension countries
409What does the HSMP stamp/visa say?
410EU accession nationals in uk
411Originals returned before the decision letter is sent?
413HSMP Application Australia
414Help pls - Original Degree or Transcripts
416If Im Mexican What do i have to do????????????
420IMPORTANT: processing times clarification
421What was I a moderator?
422Recourse to public funds....Bank Overdraft
423How much time do I have?
424How much time do I have?
425Slalary and HSMP extensions
426education comparasion
427Help on preparing HSMP App - Kayalami, Chess and all other helpful guys
428Any body get EC from Naija?
429Finding jobs in UK
430Finding jobs in UK
431Clueless -help needed
432WHM query..
433got my ILR
434HSMP documents
435HSMP Query
436Review of refusal
437Review of refusal
438HSMP help required.
439Recent Approved Regd Number any one
440Email/Phone Number of HSMP
441Reference # question
442Off it goes...
443Degree Points?
444mortgage whilst on HSMP?
445Working in Canada, start own business
446Attention Required?
447HSMP application assistance
448British Nationality
449employee references vs assignment letters
450ILR related queries
451HSMP issue
452Bank A/C balance========> HSMP renewal
453HSMP duration time
454Degree comparison & experience
455OTE "On Target Earnings" and other BS
456HSMP application outside UK - What if Embassy does not help?
457Planning to file HSMP
458Money question
459IT jobs
460HSMP Qry - Expenditure Plan
461Change of WP or just letter?
462How can migrate and live permanently in UK?
463EU Accession States - further details, workers registration
465canadain residentail permit
466HSMP Response/Sucess Rate
467can Working holiday holder call his spouse
468Young academic starry eyed and fond of england
469HSMP sends documents via ?
470EU Trip and ILR
471Economic activity in different fields
472Economic activity in different fields
473HSMP - long long waiting list
474HSMP Fears
475Backlogs in Sheffield creating problems
476Need MOC!!!
477Few queries after receving of HSMP
478Format of Experience letter
479Got my ILR - WP+Dependent+WP+HSMP
480Just sent off my HSMP Application!!!
481Points for spouse

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