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1Welcome Back !!!
2need advice:)
3Job for non eu
4Visa Conversion
6Work permit needed BEFORE job??!
7Work permit needed BEFORE job??!
8German English job site
9Does WorkPermit only secure "training" visas?
10European workpermit
13working offshore from France
14what should i do to get in the great country uk
15South African national needs avdvice re:Irish citizenship by naturalisation
16dutch citizenship--confused!
18italian work permit issues
19What shall i do for europe work permit
20Hi need web site addresses
22Extention of workpermit
23Change work permit status.
24Spanish Immigration
25I have a job interview/offer then what?
26Work Permit for France
27How much can you earn in Europe?
28permanent residence in France
29internship in France
30Ireland EU Spouse Questions
31Work Permits - Germany
32Picking Grapes
33German work permit
34work permit for spouse of a Green Card holder in Germany.
35French Visa of UK WP Holder
36permanent residentship to spain
37residence permit
38Permanent residency and naturalisation - France
40Working Holiday
41Recognition of degree
42Web Developer Interested in Immigration to Germany
43French Visa
44Do I need, a new work permit?
45Free German Green card info
46Need a help in finding job abroad
47Work Permit for Austria
48Netherlands...intra-company transfers
49Work Visa in Netherland (MVV)
50netherlands naturalization
51Immigration to Netherlands- permanent
52working visa NETHERLANDS
53Need Job in europe
54Regarding my Degree
55Irish Work Permits
56Belgian deported
57Partner Permit
58maybe someoane help me
59movement of labour
60permanent residence permit in greece
61Criminal record
62green card in greece - can I work in EU countries
63residence & work permit
64Lets make it happen!!!
65Is Europe a distant place to know?
66moving to ireland
67I'm an electronics eng. want to migrate
68Need Help!
69How to apply for German green card
70Immigrating to UK, Netherlands, and/or New Zealand
71Process in Germany
72how to get a workpermit & visa in Italy
73Engagement Visa Ireland
74want to migrate to Either UK/Australia/Newzealand, could anybody guide me???
75Work Visa in Ireland
76Need Advice
77strengthen case for rapid decision on permit, NL
78Dual citizenship EEA
79dual citizenship Netherlands
80Immigration to Newzealand
81immigration to new zealand
82Please help me
83Trying to return to Europe!
84Can Dutch Work Permit be used in France?
85how do i immigrate to france, visa to france ? help !
86partner permit in france?
87want to set up a small business in france. help?
88work permit netherlands
89Travel aboard with a baby
90please help-need to know if i can work in paris
91Can my work permit in UK allow me to work for clients in Europe? Pls Help Me!!!
92Can I change my study visa into work visa?
93Can spouse/dependent work on my work permit?
94Irish work visa
96working holiday
97work permit for norway
98immigration to Ireland
99Sponsorship required for NL work permit?
100NL Work-permit
101tax on van der elst visa
104italian work permit for the bosnians
105Study possibility for spouse of Green Card Holder
106Seeking Job In Germany
108Leaving Belgium
109Work Visa Requirements for Spouse/Partner of EU Citizen
110Please advice
111Permission to remain in Ireland and wish to move to UK
114Spain IT Work Permit
115Immigration to Ireland
117Work Permit for Ireland
118Want to move to Ireland
119Non EU citizen wants to move to Ireland
120Applying for British Passport
121Work Permit in Germany
122Can I work in EU(France) with Swiss work permit?
123travel in EU with green card
124can i ????
125want to move to france
126move to Spain
127How to work in Germany with a Swedish Green Card
128New Zealander to Work in Europe. best options?
129dependent spouse working in NL
130Europeean Comunity
131Netherlands work permit for partner of EU national
132Work Permit in France
133Setting up a new company in netherlands
134Work Permit/Visa Belgium
135Working the the Netherlands
136ireland -- couple of questions
137Job in Europe
138Carte de Sejour Temporaire
139Can Some one help me to work in Europe
140working/living in NL
141italian work permit
142is there earning potential in Ireland
143Italian Passport
144permanent resident in Netherlands
145Pls help me finding an employer in germany
146japanese to europe?
147I want to live in France
148Real professional looking for a real country.
149How to obtain a workpermit in Switzerland or Sweden
150how is the market in UK/IRELAND
151HELP!! I need Netherlands financial services companies websites.
152italian work permit
153work visa
154trying for work visa ireland
155Irish immigration requirements
156can someone arrange for a working visa for ireland
157Working as a high school math teacher in Ireland
158EU Passport or Work Permit via Marriage
159doing things the right way =>
160work permit - is it a "must"?
161need help finding a web-site
162want to come to europe by any way
164IT Professional
165German Work Permit
166freelance photographer
167Spain WP as University Lecturer
168How can I get a work permit for the contract work in Belgium?
169American/Ireland marriage
170Italian passport/ citizenship
171Tourist Visa Into Student Visa
172working in nederland
173IŽd like to move to Belgium/Nederlands.
174Moving to Germany transfering company
175I wish to immigrate to Europe
176New Zealand IT Pro seeks NYC/Europe work
177Residence vs Work Permit, Netherlands
178how to work/stay in france when you are american?
179No one from WP staff is Supporting this Forum anymore!
180Could somebody tell me about immigration laws for EU?
181Irish work visa! Change of employment
182Software Engineer for sale
183Right to work in France
184Austrian Citzenship?
185uk work permit
186see this matter now
187Canadian in Germany
188German Immigration
189Netherlands Citizenship
190teaching English in Germany
191WorkPermit for NON-EU
192marry with eu person
193Want co work in any EU Country.
194to work in Ireland
195swedish work permit
196Europeean Community
197Travel/work, and visa support
198green card in germany?
199Go to holland,what to do first?
200relocation to nl?
201portugal or ireland
202I want to move to Irland
203BBC: "Europe's skills headache"
204Living & Working in The Netherlands...
205Working in europe
206New German Immigration Law
207conversion of a visit visa to work permit?
208ireland workpermit
209European Work Permit
210permament residency
211studying in EU/residency period
212Immigration to Austria
213German Work Permit
214Hi this is very urgent
215Is it worth studing in UK.
216Changing Employer in Netherlands
217please give valuable your reply!!
219to immigrate to Ireland as an IT professional
220irland workpermit
221Van Der Elst, Work Permit...are they necessary?
222Get IT job on-line in Ireland from Nigeria
223Does anyone know if MIS (Management Information Systems) is in demand in Holland?
224Immigration to The Netherlands
225Do you want any info about UK?
226German Immigration Lawyer
227Visitor Visa for Paris
228Work Permit valid for more than one EU country
229Work Permits!!!
230PR in Netherlands after 5 years??
231non-EU spouse of a EU Citizen moving to Ireland or Netherlands
232Three Years or Five Years PR in Netherlands?
233Urgent/German Green Card/ work permit for belgium
234Remain in Germany if I quit job?? Help?
235Canadian Citizen wanting to work in Ireland!
236Please Help!
237Married couple - He German, she American
238work in Ireland
239Belgium work permit trouble
242contact if interested to work in ireland
243Changing my employer
244work permit
245New Working Permit in NL
246Work permits to Ireland
247Work Authorization in Ireland
248We looking job in Ireland
249This if for job seekers
250domestic helper
251chances of getting jobs in Ireland
252web work
253same sex partnership in Ireland / UK
254cost of living
255About to get work either in Netherland or Sweden
256immigration work visa
257French salary/contract Rates
258Work Permit in Ireland
259looking for official job in EU or Canada
260Working Permit in Belgium
262work permit in Ireland
263Looking for job in EU
264Getting married in Italy.
265American in France for 6 yrs wants French legal status
266Work And Travel Visa In Ireland
267looking for work in europe
269Boulot in Bordeaux
270Belgian citizenship
271Defacto in Ireland
272Looking for work in Brussels
273diff btwn work visa and work permit
274IT Job Sites For Europe
275IRELAND !!!
276Work permit for Switzerland
277work for students (Germany)
278Same sex laws in Germany
279work visa - have a look at my profile
281South Africa and Middle East
282International Student work permit
283please view this web site
284 "city office"?
285Help me to immigrate to Ireland
286Work Permit Waiver
287work permission for Switzerland
288Looking for work permit and job in UK
289how can I migrate to england?
290Netherlands Naturalisation
291Irish economy
292Switzerland to Spain
293immigration to netherlands
294work in ireland
295Work in France
296Unemployment benefits for non-EU
297unemployment benfits for non EU in Netherlands
2983 years work permit
299Gay friendly country in europe
300ireland work permits
301American marrying a European in Europe? Plz help us
302What constitutes duration?
303Help on migrating to Europe from US?
304work permit for nietherland validity
305About Work Visa
306help me
309chance of part time work in ireland
311Germans apply for UK citenzenship?
312working and linving in France
313Work permit to Luxembourg
314IT job sites for Switzerland ??
315How difficult (or easy) is it to get into Switzerland ?
316german sponsor aussie in nl
317How to apply for the work permitt
318Work Permit for Ireland
319ireland workpermit
320Wut is the Diff Between Work Permit & Work Visa
321I need work permit for Ireland
323Oz citizen (aged 38) working in NL for 12 months?
324Shengan visa
325Chance to work in Ireland
326Irish IT job market
327Marcis, I need your help
328looking for work in Italy
329Immigration To Ireland!!
330Germany my choice destination
331Need Job In Ireland
332need work permitt from employer
333workpermit for ireland
334Can I get & keep permant residency after working 3 Y in NL?
335Same-sex partnerships - need advice...
336Naturalization perspectives in Germany
337Procedure for Work Permit in Ireland
338Immigration in ireland
339Extention of Workpermit and workvisas
340How to check the status of my application?
341Ireland Visa to Indian Citizen cut down???
342work permit
343Norway - oil towers
344switzerland work permit
345business visa
346Prospect of CAD/CAM jobs in ireland
347German naturalisation
348study and living in germany
349australia passport holder visa to ireland
350australia passport holder visa to ireland
351Work Visa for Ireland
352Marcis,I need ur help
353Irish work visa !!!
354work in france
355Cost of a Netherlands work permit
356Work while Studying in Germany
357Work in France II
358German permanent residence
359non-EU, workpermit in one country = workpermit in another?
360Extension of French "Certificat de
361South Africa
362Move to Ireland from Usa? Is it hard?
363Right of Abode
364New german immigration law
365Netherlands work permit for IT
366US citizen married to NL citizen
367Italian Citizenship
368hi thia is subhash,
369Spain work permit
370Need Help to imigrate in Ireland
371hi this is subhash
372hi this is subhash to know at present condition in ireland
373Enquiry about the details of the new immigration law
374about ireland work permits
375question about new german immigration law
376ireland immegration as an Indian citizen
378length of tourist stay?
379South African looking for work in Ireland, How??
380Overstaying Tourist Visa in the EU
381status of newly born child
382Working and Living in Germany
383Work Permit to UK
384Immigrating to Europe for IT professional
385Overstay in Germany
386Europe and visa needed - ELFA please comment
387marriage to french national in US
388i have got my workpermit
389Immigration to Germany/own a GMBH
390how to get work permit in Norvey
391How to get workpermit in Norway
392advice plssssssssssssssssssssss
393Pls advice regarding marry policy
394how to apply for citizenship in France
395re: register marriage in us
396need an advice!
397want to set up a small business in Germany
398work permit
399How to get in the Hiderlands?
400Everyone for Ireland
401Everyone for Ireland
402Everyone for Ireland
403Everyone for Ireland
404moving to France
405Germany Information [also, USAREUR]
406job in Ireland for a doctor
408US-born son of 2 Hong Kong citizens seeking EU/UK status
409Freedom of Movement/Work within EU
410EU Passport
411Getting a job in Germany ?!
412information about how to get work permit visa of ireland
413How can someone get a job in Europe?
414How can i get job in Ireland??
415Existing workpermits usefull?
416Irish Immigration Law enquiry
417Marriage in Denmark
418Collaboration seeking
419seeking job in ireland
420Freedom of movement for EU resident
421Help i need my citizen passport
422Working in Holland
423Business Visa Information
424is the Humanright issued by world service authority in washington DC accepte inirelan
427Ireland Immigration Law Change
428Legal work in Europe
429Radio announcing in Canada/UK.
430Management Companies in Belgium for Contractors
431nurses in Italy
432Interested to have IT job in Germany
433Interested to establish a relationship on IT Job consultation In Germany .
434Mail Me for Ireland WorkPermit
435job in European country
436Move from Germany to NL
437looking for a job as a web designer/developer
438Nationality in Netherlands
439can u help me please??
441How much German language ?
444Question on Universities in Europe
445Schengen visa
447work permit or Visa
448married to a non-european citizen
449to Elfa
450job scene in france
451Dual Nationality in Britain
452french citizenship
453work permit to the netherlands
454Dual Citizenship Belgian and American
455Looking for a workpermit for Italy
456Work for IT in Germany
457ILR in UK looking to work in Europe
458looking for a 3D animation job
459Norway - workpermit / Self migration - pls. help
460french passport!!!!!!!
461Immigration to Spain
462Studying in Sweden or Denmark
463work permit for belgium?
464Apply Netherlands Working permit without MVV
466i need work permit or student visa 4 ireland or uk
467UK WP Holder Marrying to EEA National
468Easy country, best country?
469Jobs in Ireland
470Work in Ireland as nurse.
471Work in ireland
472I have Workpermit For Nederland But...Urgent.
473Reg. Business visa
474length of stay ?
476doctor diploma approval in germany
477Portuguese Citizenship
478Ireland student looking Immigration to Belgium
479Do I have right to work in Netherlands holding MVV visa??
480Looking for a job
481Elfa or Marcis, please comment on this !
482what is the job oppertunity and future for a net work adminstrator in uk and ireland
483German Creencard, and after ?
484How does a Spanish resident work in Germany?
485Work in another EC Country
486I need help for Work Permit(UK).
487I'm looking for IT jobs, any Country in Europe
488how to apply visa to go to Ireland
489Looking for Work Visa to work in Australia
490How to get PR or citizenship of Ireland Rep via working there
491how to get work permit for italy????
492Mrrying an US Citizen
493Non-EU married to the EU citizen - working in Ireland?
494Can I work in Holland if I got austria wp?
496Indian married to an EU (native German) citizen
497who can tell me the procedure of applying visa to Ireland
498A christian friend needs suggestions
499Get your US.Permament Residence in 2003!
500Dear Marcis Gobins
501Can Work Permit holder(Ireland) works casually?
502Canadian needing working holiday visa in Holland
503Freelance Contracting in Belgium
504A Portal for Green Card Holders
505how to apply work visa
506italian citizenship
507working in Italy
508Need addresses of recruitment agents in Holland and Irelandb
509Italy: residency and naturalisation
510any chance of being a permanent resident in Ireland?
511Need guidance to apply for work permit [Ireland]
512how do i get a visa to Ireland ?
513Need to Get Work Premit For Ireland
515work permit for ireland
516Ireland to Crete
517German national resident in UK -
518German National Resident in UK
519No interview without Work Permit....??
520For Mauricio
521For Marcis(see italian citizenship topic)
524Q for Elfa : own business in NL for US citizen
525visa to Ireland
526Immigration to ireland.
527Visitor visa to European countries
528need a Workpermit of UK , Ireland , Cyprus , Italy
529Working In Netherlands
530Netherlands Working Holiday Visas
533i want to get work permit to irland
534About to find work in media field in Netherlands
535Why Ireland?
536Extension of work pemits in Netherlands - Finance field
537working in Germany
538Job without Work Permit???
539Itsly immigration is open!!!!
540Immigration Italy!!!
541canadian moving to poland.....
542working holiday in Ireland
543Irish Visas, work permits, etc.
544Australian obtaining a German passport
545Germany Immigration/work permit
546Irish work permit and ILR
547Now when PR for ( German Green Card people )
548Sole Representative Visa for Germany or Netherlands ?
549Again ( German Green Card Professionals)
550American Au pair
551German Green Card (Permanent Y/N )?
552Still No Answer.???????
553workpermit in Ireland for Chemical Engineer
554work permit for Ireland without job
555Ireland or Canada?
556Salaries for Netherlands...
557Official websites of immigration
558German Immigration
559German work permit but Not soon ...what to do :(
560UK Work Permit and working in France
561Inmigration to Spain
562Job in Irelan
563Job in Ireland
564URGENT: How long for French Work Visa?
565Job market situation
566cease to work before leave-to-remain expires
567may I stay?
568Questions about Italian Visa Regulations
569Question from EU students....
570Legal or work permit In Germany
571What is open work permit?
572Culinary job market in the EU
573French long term visa / work permit
574canadian moving to belgium
575American wants to immigrate to Germany
576sherry wan a bright future
577Permanent Resident Visa in Ireland, is there such thing?
578immigration to portugal
579I whant to work!!!
580I whant to work!
581Job Assistance.
582EU enlargement
583work permit
584Need Help!
585Which EU country is the easiest on immigration?
586Work on luxury yachts in Spain
587WP for GC holders family members
588about job permit
589Question for Marcis
590work permit in Europe
591Enquiry for work permit in Europe
592Obtaining Residency in EU due to birth in France
593Student in the Netherlands what's after
594Netherland work guideline
595UK resident - Like to work in Europe
596CAD tecnician from Bulgaria desparately needs job in Ireland. Please help!
597Need a partner to establish a CAD buissiness in Ireland!!!
598immigration to canada from UK
599Working in France
600A job in Ireland/Residence in Ireland.
602WP for wife in Sweden
603work permit for ireland
604Work in UK or Canada?
605French Tourist Visa
606Are the students allowed to work in Italy?
607Immigrating To Europe From Canada ( Hopefully)
609Recruitment firm in netherlands
610relocating to Ireland
611Colombian girl planning to go to Germany
612Working in Germany!
613What do I do when I want to move abroad?
614teaching in Switzerland
615German Work Permit etc.
616Seansonal Work Permit for France
617Rights of permanent residents
618green card in germany
619green card in germany
620Regarding NI number
621Reg: Work Permit UK
622Work Permit UK
623UK work permit for working in Europe
624Permanent Residence Ireland
626New Germany Immigration Law STOPPED!
627working in Italy as a nurse
628Nursing jobs for Indian Nurses in Germany
629Required Nursing job and Work permit for Ireland.
630Going to Ireland
632OXYGEN - BEWARE of Crooks
633residence permit to Latvia - for study
634Irish laws?
635Dual Citizenship in Germany
636Job in Germany
637status of newly born child in ireland
638Please Answer Soon (Topic German PR )
639getting a job for a year or less in holland, belgium or germany help!
640New Irish Citizenship Legislation
641Workpermit for Germany
643benefits of US citizenship in Europe
644Would like to immigrate to Europe
645EU work on a UK work permit?
646if i fly visit visa then i convert work visa
647extending stay in germany
649Marrying an Italian
650Working in Germany
651Work permit UK/Germany ..
652European citizenship
653Staying in Germany for more than 3 months. HELP
654Unlimited contract & Staying permit
655French work permit: how long does it take the authorities to make a decision ?
658Visit to Ireland/Europe
659Husband a GC and wife got IT job too
660do i need a visa for my daughter
661work permit transfer - more than a month?
662Once upon a time
664work and live in Ireland
665EU parliament approves key proposals
666wanna work in france
667cyprus is joining EU
668ANN: Forum about Netherlands for Russian speakers
669student in italy
670Having a visitor visa to Germany, do I have to show any money?
671EU-German guy seeks Australian female for MOC
672Work Permit and visa for Italy - Is Marriage Certificate necessary?
673Ireland job opportunity for IT people and chance for getting workpermit
674Italy Work Permit Type
675Irish Work Permit
677Employment agencies in EU & Germany
678about french ancestor's visa
679Self employed looking to move to France
681US Male seeks EU Female for MOC
682Temporary move to Spain
683ILR (UK) and Employment in EU(Ger,Fr,Hol)
684business visa
685What is the easiest way to stay together?
686Change of employer?
687permanet residency
688Original versus certified documents
689spouse of EU citizen to work in Germany
690Aufenthaltstitalerlaubnis in Germany
691change of company address
692Desperate to come to ireland
693Employement restrictions
694Married with spain girl, can i work in france?
695netherlands partner reunion - help!!!
696IE - Are companies willing to sponsor work permits?
697Work Permit For Professional Spouses of Overseas RNs in Ireland?
698Ireland Work Permits Reduced by 90% in 2004
699Belgian Policy on foreign ex-military personnell
700Long stay in Europe
701German ancestry
702Ireland resident permit for aged mother in law
703Ms. Marcis Gobins, Where Are You?
704Please, help
705New Work Permit process for SPAIN
706work permit for belgium
708We are looking for moderators.
709I need help with obtaining visa to Eu
710I need information of working in Ireland
711irish grandfather
714Immigration to Norway
715Working in EU when have IRL
716ireland and germany
717work permit for ireland
718Marrying EU Citizen... in the UK
719working in spain
720ireland work permit
721immigration for ireland
722Work in Belgium
723German ancestry
724Address of Irsh embassy in Denmark
725Need MOC for EU double citizenship; Money offer
726advise us please!
727European (Greek and Dutch) Descent
728Marry a Czech National?
729student visa to working visa
730ireland info
731work in sweden
732permanent residence in the netherlands
733Need MOC!!!
734Is the UK forum only one not working?

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