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OCI as a UK civil servant - any opinions?

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OCI as a UK civil servant - any opinions?

Post by thinkthink » Tue May 28, 2019 8:04 pm

Hello all,
I have read/heard conflicting information about whether being a UK civil servant makes one ineligible for Overseas Citizenship of India. I want to gauge some opinions/experiences around this:

I have often read that working for MoD, Home Office or security service jobs makes one ineligible and this seems to be the most common line which appears in FAQs in different places. One assumes from this that this bar does not apply to many other departments and public bodies/agencies that seem far less controversial than these (take the Food Standard Agency as a random illustration).

I have also read and been told by VFS that Civil Servants in general are inelligible. One poster here has mentioned being rejected for being a civil servant (and allegedly not in any of those depts), and VFS have written that Civil Servants are indeed ineligible.

I suspect it cannot be the case that there is a blanket ban on all civil servants, because it would cover quite an expansive network of seemingly non-controversial jobs at non-controversial organisations. I wonder if this applies only to specific organsisations/departments (besides those commonly mentioned ones) and/or to specific job roles. I also wonder whether having been previously rejected whilst working in the Civil Service would affect applications made after one has left it (in the same way that ex-police/military are barred).

Does anyone have any insights or experience or opinions with regards to this?

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