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OCI card holders - Study in India at IIT/NIT

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OCI card holders - Study in India at IIT/NIT

Post by krishnar » Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:47 am

For OCI card holders if you are planning to return to India and children wants to study in India.

1. For getting into IIT, need to clear JEE mains + advanced (like Indian citizens).
For foreigners some seats are reserved, but OCI card holders are not eligible for these reserved seats.

I have sent a letter to Ministry of Human Resource development (India - MHRD) to correct this.
i.e. Give seats reserved for foreigner quota should be given to OCI card holders as well.

I have created a petition. Please go through the petition, if you agree, please sign the petition.
You do not have to create an account.

Petition is at U R L https:

2. If OCI card holders want to get into NIT (previously known as Regional engineering colleges),
person has to give Subject SAT (Maths, Physics and Chemistry).

Many OCI card holders are returning to India. Now one needs to get perfect score (2400 out of 2400) or near perfect score (2350) to get into reputed NITs' (branches that are in demand, Computer science).

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Re: OCI card holders - Study in India at IIT/NIT

Post by takdeerwala » Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:11 pm

I didnt understand one thing. Foreign students do study in IIT. Who is OCI card holder - a Foreign citizen only. OCI from UK is a British Citizen. If British citizen can study in IIT, why cant an OCI card holder who possess British Passport study in IIT ??