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OCI for child and parents - Help

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OCI for child and parents - Help

Post by abhijack » Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:59 pm

We need to apply OCI for 2 parents and a newborn child.

I am currently waiting for all 3 British passports.

My current plan - to apply for the surrender certificate for both parents and to apply for all 3 OCI together.

However, if we surrender Indian passport will our child get OCI as we won't be Indian citizens after the cancellation of our passports. And of course, wouldn't have applied for OCI at that stage.

Am I okay in going with my plan?

Or should I apply for baby's OCI before we surrender our Indian passport? Or maybe get surrender certificate and subsequently parents OCI and after that apply for baby's OCI by submitting our OCI cards as proof of baby's eligibility?
Only issue with this would the delay in getting all the OCI before our travel plans in December.

Thanks in advance.