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OCI for foreign spouse with dual citizenship in UK

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OCI for foreign spouse with dual citizenship in UK

Post by cyborg001 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:29 pm


I'm an ex-Indian national who now holds British citizenship and OCI. My wife (of non-Indian origin) holds both British and Irish citizenship and we live in London. We want to apply for her OCI but have a few questions:
  • Does it matter which nationality she uses to apply for her OCI in UK? Her British passport expires in a year but her Irish passport has long validity left so we would like to use that one ideally.
  • If she uses her British passport now but renews it next year, does the OCI booklet (which contains foreign passport number) need to be updated with it, or can she simply start using her new British passport with OCI booklet to travel?
  • Can an OCI holder travel to India with less than 6 months validity remaining on the foreign passport?
  • Any other tips or things or special documents to watch out for?
Many thanks!

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