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OCI for my child

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Alfred Boyle
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OCI for my child

Post by Alfred Boyle » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:25 am

I am Naturalised British of Indian origin and I hold OCI. I am married to a malaysian and we are planning our first child. I know my child will be British automatically. We have not decided the place of delivery, might be UK or India or Malaysia. Does the place of birth matters when i apply for OCI for my child? Can I use my surrender certificate to support the application of my child?

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Re: OCI for my child

Post by xebec » Thu Mar 12, 2020 7:58 am

The place of birth does not normally matter for OCI unless it's in one of the restricted countries (Pakistan/Bangladesh etc.). In your case, it should be fine.

Note that Malaysia is not a signatory to the apostille convention, so a birth certificate from there would have to be legalised which is a bit of an extra process.

Regardless of the birth location, I recommend you get three birth certificate's copies. This will help the child have legally accepted documents so later on in life they don't have to fly to the country of birth to get vital documents:
1. Copy 1 is for local use - country of birth
2. Copy 2 is for country #2
3. Copy 3 is for country #3

If the child is born in UK
1. Copy 1 for UK use
2. Copy 2 - for India use: apostille the document and get it attested the Indian High commission. Although attestation is legally not required, the issue is with the common person in India who sits in an office with no idea what an apostille is - but they do accept an Indian govt stamp - will save you loads of explaining
3. Copy 3 - for Malaysian use - get the document Legalised for use in Malaysia

If the child is born in India
1. Copy 1 for India use -
2. Copy 2 - for UK use: get this one apostilled
3. Copy 3 - for Malaysia use: get this one legalised

If the child is born in Malaysia:
1. Copy 1 for Malaysia use
2. Copy 2 - for India use: get this one legalised
3. Copy 3 - for UK use: get this one legalised

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