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Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

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Re: Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

Post by tckraju » Tue May 23, 2023 10:45 am

Hi All, Please find my OCI Application timeline:

Location: VFS Glasgow
No of Application: 1 adult
Online application submitted: 05/04/2023
Documents submitted: 18/04/2023
Application acknowledged: 19/04/2023
Message from DX delivery about Original Documents Return: 20/04/2023
Original documents received: 21/04/2023
OCI Processed and OCI Number assigned: 12/05/2023
Dispatched from MEA (OCI) New Delhi: 15/05/2023
Document received at Edinburgh: 19/05/2023
Message from DX delivery: 19/05/2023
OCI card received: 22/05/2023

Documents Uploaded during the OCI Registration process:
1.) Self - Photo (2” inch X 2” inch) scanned and uploaded.
2.) Self – Signature scanned and uploaded.
3.) Self - British Passport (Uploaded as Current Passport).
4.) Self - Naturalisation Certificate (Uploaded as PIO).
5.) Self - Passport Surrender Certificate (Uploaded as Indian Visa).
6.) Self - Surrendered Indian Passport (Uploaded as Indian Origin Proof).
7.) Marriage Certificate (Uploaded as Marriage Certificate).
8.) Council Tax Bill (Uploaded as Relationship Certificate).
9.) Spouse – British Passport (Uploaded as Spouse Passport).
10.) Spouse - OCI Card (Uploaded as Spouse OCI Card).

Documents taken to the VFS appointment:
1.) Appointment letter print out.
2.) Application form and signed where needed.
3.) Extra 1 Photo (2” inch X 2” inch) taken separately.

Documents Retained with VFS
4.) British Passport Original - (Returned via secured delivery later).
5.) Self-Attested British Passport photo and observation page with signature only Photocopy.
6.) Spouse British Passport Photocopy.
7.) Spouse OCI Photocopy.
8.) Naturalisation Certificate Photocopy.
9.) Surrendered Indian Passport Photocopy.
10.) Surrender Certificate Photocopy.
11.) Marriage Certificate Photocopy.
12.) Council Tax Bill Photocopy.

Documents checked and returned at the VFS counter
13.) Spouse British Passport Original.
14.) Spouse OCI Original.
15.) Naturalisation Certificate Original.
16.) Surrendered Indian Passport Original.
17.) Surrender Certificate Original.
18.) Marriage Certificate Original.
19.) Council Tax Bill Original.

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Re: Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

Post by sillyquestion » Thu Jun 01, 2023 4:08 pm


I am applying for OCI for my child born in India, who recently got his British Passport.

We are currently in India and applying for OCI from India.

My child also holds a Indian passport which was obtained at birth and we plan to surrender it.

The question is do we need to get surrender certificate before OCI application?

Or can we apply for OCI first and then surrender the Indian Passport?

Is the surrender certificate necessary for OCI applications submitted in India? The reason I ask is because there is no mention of surrender certificate on OCI website as a document needed:

I hope the query makes sense :)

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