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Submitted OCI London (Minor+Adult) 20/12/2013 My Experience

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Submitted OCI London (Minor+Adult) 20/12/2013 My Experience

Post by forbc123 » Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:37 pm

Dear All

Thanks a lot for all your posts I thought I should share my experience for benefit of others

Reached London HCI @ 06:30 AM I must say I'm the second in queue for OCI
It is important to wear warm clothing (including footwear) as weather is horrible while standing in the queue. I had to stand in queue till 09:05 AM as Indian passport queue will be first let in followed by OCI

@07:00 - there were 25+
@7:30 - more than 75
@08:30 - the queue was too long and guess there were more than 100

After a long wait of 2.5 hours we were let in @ 09.05 and @ 09:30 counters 1,4,5 were ready to receive applications for OCI. I went @ 09:35 and came out with in 7 minutes (could have been even early but system is too slow)

A very nice lady was at counter and she was quite polite (strange?). Another lady in adjacent counter was very strict send few back for documents, questioned every one for everything...

Coming to very important stuff our document list. I've submitted one by one in following order

a. Part A for Myself only 1 page with photo
b. Part A for my Kid only 1 page with photo
c. Part B (only one page for both of us)
d. Surrender Certificate (Photocopy me and kid 1 each - attested by father)
e. Naturalization Certificate photocopy - self attested
f. Registration Certificate photocopy - self attested
g. UK Passport - photo page only photocopy 1 per each / self attested


You will be asked to show original surrender certificate and will be returned

Some people in queue were confused about thumb impression
Just use black ink pad for thumb impression and only the box on the part A for kids who can't sign should give thumb impression and no where else.

I wasn't asked for any marriage certificate, birth certificate, photocopy of cancelled passports etc...

Finally, I was asked for £175 X 2 and given a receipt for each of us, asking to track status in up to next 6 weeks

One lady was applying for her kids but she doesn't have OCI, she was also sent back

Mini Ann
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Re: Submitted OCI London (Minor+Adult) 20/12/2013 My Experie

Post by Mini Ann » Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:13 pm

Thank you for your information. It is really helpful. I am going to apply oci for me and 2 children. can u please clear some of my doubts
1. Is it necessary to take our children with us.
2. One of the documents required in your post says "f. Registration Certificate photocopy - self attested". Which registration certificate is that.

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Re: Submitted OCI London (Minor+Adult) 20/12/2013 My Experie

Post by rajan1984 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:44 pm

Thanks a lot brother for your valuable information, much helpful