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Interregnum:11 years without free movement from 1962 to 1973

This is the area of this board to discuss the referendum taking place in the UK on 23rd June 2016. Also to discuss the ramifications of the EU-UK deal.

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Interregnum:11 years without free movement from 1962 to 1973

Post by vinny » Fri May 19, 2017 10:02 pm

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Re: Interregnum:11 years without free movement from 1962 to

Post by secret.simon » Sat May 20, 2017 3:29 pm

Thank you as always, Vinny, for linking to a thought-provoking article.

This article can be interpreted in multiple ways. It underscores my earlier point that this is not the first time that the UK has acted to restrict freedom of movement. These arguments and actions have occurred in the past and will repeat in the future.

What I believe is useful is that history shows us how people already here with freedom of movement will be treated. It has precedential value (not to be confused with the unprecedented unpresidential conduct of the US head of state) and provides us with guidance and expectation on the way forward. A major difference though is that in the past, such treatment (of people already in the UK under the freedom of movement) was provided unilaterally, while in this instance, it will be a part of the negotiations with the EU 27. So, history can provide us guidance, but that is not definitive.
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