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Start up visa/Maintenance/other issues

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Start up visa/Maintenance/other issues

Post by Vasilisa1 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:23 pm

Dear forum members!

I need clarifications on startup visa:

About myself: I have Tier 1 E visa at present.
My husband wants to apply for a separate Startup visa (he does not want to apply as a dependent).


1) If I already have a visa (Tier 1 E), the fact that husband wants to come to UK (entry clearance) under a separate route (startup visa), is that an issue for a home office? especially the fact that my husband does not want to come as my dependent.

2) My husband previously was my dependent (long time ago when I was a student) but left UK early. He factually visited UK several times while being on dependent visa. Is this an issue for a Home Office?

3) Startup visa maintenance funds: at present, my husband does not keep maintenance funds for 90 days, he needs to wait another 40 days. However, I have sufficient funds in my personal savings account. Can I show required funds from my personal account for my husband's visa application with the letter that the funds are available for him? Will that be an issue for HOme Office?
If I am not mistaken, in any other points based system, showing required funds from spouses account was OK, but not sure for a startup visa.

Sorry, I have read all the available guidance docs but could not find any answers. Thank you for your help!

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