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Urgent - Visa Refusal - Maintenance Funds

Only for Start-Up Visas and Innovator Visas

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Urgent - Visa Refusal - Maintenance Funds

Post by MSS94 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:00 am


So I just got visa refusal letter from the Home Office. To give you background of the situation, my visa extension is for the second year of my Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa, which is now called the start up.

To summarise the problem - the Home Office have refused my visa because I did not meet the maintenance requirement of having £945 for the last 90 days in my bank account. I only found out about this requirement a week prior to my application as I received my extension letter just before my last visa was expiring.

I’ve read the immigration rules for start up visa and under rule:

W3.9 Maintenance Funds (K)

"if the applicant is applying in the Start-up or Innovator categories, they do not need to provide evidence of maintenance funds if the letter from their endorsing body confirms they have been awarded funding of at least £945. In the case of Innovator applicants, this must be in addition to the £50,000 investment funds required in that category."

So, if my university produces a new endorsement letter stating they've awarded me funding of £945, am I allowed to make a fresh application within the 14 day period? And also, would I have to provide reasons i.e. I forgot that I actually have been awarded this funds which means, I've fulfilled the main requirements of extending my visa? Also do you advise that I get a lawyer for this case or the letter from my university should be enough?

I really need some advice and guidance as I couldn’t really go back 90 days when I found out about the requirement. I also provided the Home Office with official supporting letters and documents to why I did not meet the maintenance requirements, however it was still refused as I did not meet the basic requirements.

Thanks a lot!