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Application Refused GE to Tier 1 Entrepeneur 50K Applied AR

Only for UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) points system

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Application Refused GE to Tier 1 Entrepeneur 50K Applied AR

Post by gresco » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:54 am


First of all thank you everyone for the information you are posting here, it's been very useful during all this process.

I spent two years under the GE Tier 1 visa.

I have a software development business and registered as a sole trader.

I applied to switch for Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, 50K route. I had 42K in bank + 12K invested.

GE expiry date: 26/01/2017
Application sent: 25/01/2017
Biometrics done: 06/02/2017
Refusal letter: 23/02/2017 dated 21/02/2017

The reason:
46-SD (b) When evidencing the investment
As self-employed person you are required to provide the below evidence to show that you are paying national insurance contributions. It is noted that you have provided a National insurance bill dated 28 March 2015, we are unable to accept this as it is not dated within the billing period immediately before the date of this application. From various bank statements that you have provided you are unable to determine if you have made any payments for National Insurance by direct debit. We have been able to accept the original welcome letter from HMRC that you have provided.

(g) The applicant must provide the following specified documents as evidence of his current registration as self-employed or as a director:

1. (i) If the applicant is claiming points for being currently self-employed, he must provide the following specified documents to show that he is paying Class 2...

1. (1) Original bill from billing immediately before the application, if his CLass 2 National Insurance is paid by bill

2. (2) direct debit payment of National nsurance to HMRC

3. (3) an original small earning certificate issued by HMRC

4. (4) the original dated welcome letter from HMRC containing the applicant's unique taxpayer reference number, if he has not yet received the documents in (1) to (3).
I sent the HMRC welcome letter and the only Class 2 bill I have received in 2 years (original).

According to what they said here and according to what the guidelines specify, I would need to send only one of these 4 documents in order to meet this point. However I sent 2, one is Ok the other one is not Ok.

They even say that they accepted the welcome letter, but they are refusing the visa anyway because of the Class 2 bill. So it means that if I hadn't sent the Class 2 Bill I would meet this?

Also, the last Class 2 bill that I received (correspondent to the billing period immediate before application ) was on Feb 7th 2017, online (not original). This was after my current visa expiry date, so it would have been impossible to send it with my application anyway.

I believe that I read well all the guidance before applying and according to what they said here I think that I provided the evidence requested.

I already sent the AR yesterday explaining all this. I also told them that I called HMRC so they can send me these documents in original in case they need them.

What do you think guys about this case? Do you believe there is a chance to overturn the decision?

Many thanks!

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Re: Application Refused GE to Tier 1 Entrepeneur 50K Applied

Post by cappachino » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:58 pm

Hmrc does not send out class 2 bills anymore.
Class 2 is paid with your self assessment.

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Re: Application Refused GE to Tier 1 Entrepeneur 50K Applied

Post by gresco » Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:24 pm

Hi Cappachino many thanks for replying.

Yes you are right. You get and pay the Class2 bill everything online. The only original bill I had was the one from 2015. But what I don't understand is that the ask for one piece of evidence out of 4. I sent 2 and one of them according to Case Worker is Ok. So why I got my visa refused?