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Clarifications reg. tier1 general dependent visa

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Clarifications reg. tier1 general dependent visa

Post by venkat2010 » Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:50 pm


I am a Tier 1 general visa holder. I have to apply for the visas of my wife and baby next week. I got few clarifications on this.

Could you please clarify me on this?

1) My wife's name is 'Tulasi'. In her 10th, 10+2 and Graduation, it is 'Tulasi' only. When we were getting married, according to indian astrology, the astrologer suggested to change my wife's name as 'Krishna Tulasi'. So in the wedding card they printed it as 'Krishna Tulasi'. My wife told me this once. But I do not remember it. When I was applying for the tier1 general visa, I wrote my wife's name as 'Krishna Tulasi'. Later when we apply for our marriage certificate, the registrar who issues the marriage certificate has rejected to give the marriage certificate on the name of 'Krishna Tulasi', as the name on all the certificates was 'Tulasi'. He agreed to give the marriage certificate only on the name of 'Tulasi'. He do not want to consider only the wedding card. So I got the marriage certificate with my wife name as 'Tulasi'. Later I applied for the passport of my wife, it's also having name 'Tulasi'.

My wife's name in all documents

10th Certificate - 'Tulasi'
10+2 Certificate - 'Tulasi'
BSc Graduation Certificate - 'Tulasi'
Wedding card - 'Krishna Tulasi'
My tier1 general visa appl. form - 'Krishna Tulasi'

Marriage Certificate - 'Tulasi'
Passport - 'Tulasi'.

Now in my wife's dependant visa form I will specify the name as 'Tulasi'. Do I need to specify the name 'Krishna Tulasi' in the other name's part. Other than that do I need to provide any evidence like 'lawyer affidavit' for supporting this? Please guide me on this.

2) I read at many places people talking about HSMP approval letter. But I do not have any approval letter. I just have the visa in my passport. A photo copy of that is ok or do I need to have any thing else?

3) I got pay slips from my current employeer. It is just a pay slip printed on white paper. But do not have any office seal(stamp). But it has all information like tax code, taxable amount for the year, tax paid so far etc. Do I need to get it stamped with my HR manager?

4) And also could you please let me know what all documents needs to be submitted original and what needs to be photo copies and what needs to be attested or notarized.

Thanks in advance,

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Post by aruni4470 » Tue Nov 02, 2010 11:21 pm

Dont include the wedding card.

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Post by venkat2010 » Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:37 am

Ok. Thank you.