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Dependent visa for wife with Fixed Deposit Acc

Only for UK Tier 1 (General) points system

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Dependent visa for wife with Fixed Deposit Acc

Post by sppc42 » Sun May 16, 2010 8:09 pm

Thanks to all the members for their great inputs in sorting things out. My wife got here dependent visa ten days back. Here was the situation:

1. I've been in UK for barely 1-2 weeks, with my Tier-1
2. I applied for her visa before leaving from India, as a Tier-1 Dependent
3. I showed only GBP 1600, NOT 2800 + 1600. Confirmed this before hand from VFS and home office (mail communication below). Thing is that they confirmed me that:
a. for people applying from India, they need not show maintenance funds for both the people, as I (primary applicant) already had a visa, I just needed to show the maintenance funds for my wife (GBP1600).
4. I showed my FD account for her maintenance funds. Added specific lines to highlight:
a. My account can be liquidated anytime I want
b. Balance has been maintained in this account for last 3 months

Here are the timelines:
12/04/10 - Applied at VFS Hyderabad
13/04/10 - Got sms that her application has been dispatched for reviewing
17/04/10 - Got sms that the application review is now under process
07/05/10 - Got sms that the application review is not complete and it has been dispatched back. This was after exactly 15 working days!!
08/05/10 - Got the passport with visa stamped on it!

Am pasting below the application data/letters etc that I used, so that they can be of help to others:


Phone No: +91-XXXXXXXXXX
Dated: XX April, 2010

Sub: Application for Tier 1 (General) Dependant

The Assessing Officer

RE: Points-based system: Tier 1 (General) Dependant

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, XXXX, wish to apply for entry clearance to UK for ‘Tier 1 (General) – Dependant’ as a dependant to my husband who should be considered the main applicant. His details are as below:

Main Applicant Details
Passport Number XXXX
Tier-1 Visa Issue Date XXXX
Tier-1 Visa Expiry Date XXXX
Currently staying in India

Following is the list of documents provided along with my application:
1. Identity Proof

I was born on XXXX, and I am XXXX years of age at the time of this application.
Documents provided:
• Original Passport stating my date of birth

2. Relationship evidence

I got married to XXXX, on XXXX in XXXX, India.
Documents provided:
• Original Marriage Certificate citing our date and place of marriage
• Wedding invitation card of our marriage
• Some photographs of our wedding ceremony

3. Main Applicant Details

My husband, XXXX, is already holding a valid Tier-1 (General) visa (issue date XXXX, passport number XXXX)
Documents provided:
• Copy of Passport of Main Applicant
• Copy of UK Tier-1 (General) visa of Main Applicant

4. Maintenance Funds
As a main applicant, my husband is maintaining maintenance funds (GBP 1600) for me for the claim period of last three months, from XXXX 2010 to XXXX 2010. The money has been maintained in a Fixed-Deposit (FD) account (account number XXXX) in the XXXX Bank, India, and it can be encashed/liquidated immediately, i.e., readily available, whenever required at the demand of the account holder XXXX (main applicant).

The above ensures that I will be able to sustain myself in UK without recourse to any public funds.
Documents provided:
• Official bank statement of my husband, XXXX’s (main applicant) Fixed Deposit account XXXX with XXXX Bank, India, covering period of 12 months from XXXX to XXXX.
• Letter from XXXX Bank confirming funds available in Indian Rupees and that they have been in my husband’s bank account for at least 3 months. The letter also confirms that the money can be liquidated/encashed as and when needed by the main applicant.
• Signed letter from my husband, XXXX, citing his approval and willingness to provide the required maintenance funds to me.
• 12 months Salary slips of my husband, signed and stamped by his current employer, XXXX Pvt. Ltd., for the period XXXX – XXXX that shows his gross and net salary per month.
• Original Form – 16 tax documents given by the current employer to my husband for last three years.
• Certificate of Employment of my husband, XXXX, from his current employer XXXX Pvt. Ltd. till the time of this application.
• conversion page printout.
I performed the conversion from the website: on XXXX 2010, and the conversion valuations are 1 INR = XXXX GBP

Balance available in above bank account: INR XXXX
Conversion rate: 1 INR = XXXX GBP
Total account balance available in GBP: XXXX * XXXX = GBP XXXX

5. Accommodation:
My husband, XXXX (main applicant), has recently got an offer from XXXX in London and he wishes to join them permanently starting from XXXX. For this, he will be travelling to UK on XXXX. I’ll be joining him 2 weeks after that, on XXXX.

For this, I have booked a hotel room at ‘XXXX’, located at XXXX, United Kingdom, for a period of 5 days starting XXXX.

Documents provided:
• Initial offer letter citing employment contract to my husband, XXXX (main applicant) from XXXX.
• Printout of the email confirmation of my husband’s employment with XXXX, citing his joining date of XXXX.
• Booking confirmation printout of the Hotel.

1. VAF 10 Application Form
2. Original Passport
3. Copy of passport and visa of my husband.
4. Letter from my husband citing his willingness to provide maintenance funds for me.
5. 12 monthly pay slips from XXXX Pvt. Ltd. with signature and stamp from employer.
6. Original Form – 16 given by the current employer of my husband, XXXX Pvt. Ltd.
7. 6 months bank statements from XXXX Bank Limited.
8. Printout of the conversion page.
9. Letter from current employer.
10. Contract letter and final confirmation email from XXXX.
11. Letter from the bank that required maintenance funds have been maintained for the last 3 months and confirmation that they can be encashed/liquidated anytime.
12. Hotel booking confirmation page printout.

I trust the information I have provided is satisfactory. However if you have any questions or queries or require additional information regarding any aspect of the application, please do not hesitate to contact me via any modes of communication noted at the top of this letter.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,

Date: XXXX 2010


Sponsorship letter

The Immigration Officer,
British Deputy High Commission,
Chennai, India

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Request for considering VISA application of my wife, Mrs. XXXX

I, XXXX, is currently working for XXXX Pvt. Ltd. in India since past XXXX years. I have a valid Tier-1 (General) visa, which is valid from XXXX until XXXX. Recently, I have got a permanent job offer from XXXX in London and I plan to join them starting XXXX. For this, I am travelling to UK on XXXX 2010 and, therefore, I would like to bring my wife, Mrs. XXXX, to United Kingdom soon after.

I can assure that, I can bear all her expenses on my own, without seeking any recourse to public funds. I have sufficient funds for her expenses. The following documents were attached to along with her application:
1. Copy of my passport and UK Tier-1 (General) Visa.
2. Bank statements and Bank confirmation letter for my Fixed Deposit (account XXXX). The confirmation letter clearly states that the money can be readily encashed/liquidated anytime as per my request.
3. Marriage certificate.
4. Last year’s Pay slips from current employer, XXXX Pvt. Ltd.
5. Income Tax Form-16 documents for last 3 years.
6. Copy of my Contract Letter and final confirmation letter citing date of joining as XXXX 2010 from XXXX.

I sincerely request you to consider her visa application. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any clarifications.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

Mobile : +91 – XXXX
Email: XXXX


Mail communication with Home office regarding maintenance funds:

From: Public Visa Enqs <>
Date: XXXX
Subject: RE: URGENT QUERY: Maintenance funds for Dependents

Thank you for the enquiry.

No. You do not need to show maintenance funs for yourself, for a second time.

Sent by:

Public Enquiries [J],Customer Services,

Visa Services Directorate, International Group,

UK Border Agency, c/o Lunar House,

40 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 2BY


-----Original Message-----
From: XXXX
Sent: XXXX
To: Public Visa Enqs
Subject: URGENT QUERY: Maintenance funds for Dependents

Dear Sir/Madam,

I already have a valid Tier-1(General) visa. I've got a job offer from a
reputed firm in UK and will be travelling to UK by XXXX 2010.

Now, I am planning to apply for dependent visa for my wife from India. I
need an clarification for the maintenance fund requirement. I am
currently still in India and will be travelling to UK to join the new
company soon with my Tier 1 (General) Visa. I will be arriving in UK on 7th
May 2010. I understand I need to show £1600 for each dependent. *Do I again
also need to show maintenance fund for myself *(i.e. £2800)?

So, in total, should I show a maintenance fund of £1600 alone or

I would be really grateful if you can clarify my doubt.



Fixed Deposit Letter
--------------------- ... c&start=20

More details: ... ed+deposit


Fixed Deposit Certificate


This is to certify that Mr XXXXXXX , S/o. XXXXXXX, Address XXXXX is having a fixed deposit for Rs. XXXXXX (so and so rupees only ) associated with A/c XXXX and details as under:


Date:XXX When started FD due on XXX (Mention when is the due date)

#### use below if FD is renewed start
(The same FDR is renewed on XXX date with No. FD XXXX )
Date:XXX When renewed period starts due on XXX (Mention when is the due date )
####use below if FD is renewed end

We confirm that balance amount is this FDR is Rs. XXXXX(so and so rupees only ) since XXX date as on XXXX(present date).This FDR can be encashable immediately on demand by the applicant. This FDR is under auto Renewal Scheme.

This certificate is issued on the specific request if the account holder and at no risk and cost to the issuing officer of the bank

Yours truly

Branch Manager


This application can be tailored per your own use.

Thanks again for all the inputs!


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Post by tier1_aspirant_del » Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:02 am

This is wonderful information. Thanks a lot for it dear.

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great news

Post by puneetdwd » Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:01 pm

I have a similar situation but i m in Uk from last 2 month working permanent job have got paid for just one month.

Not sure if I have to show 3 months payslip, which I don't have
I have fund maintenance in India. is it eligibale
( Details Rs.1.5 lacs INR (£1900 approx) in my account from last 2 months and my wife has 1.3 lacs (£1800) from 3 months. ) Can she show her amount as fund maintenace or the main Tier1 migrant need to show?

Please guide
puneet (

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Post by askhan » Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:47 pm

Hi dear,

I want to apply visa for my wife, I need some information from you.

I am working as an engineer, this is my 2nd months, I have pay slip for one month only. but I have sufficient funds fro me and my wife. can I apply for visa or i have to wait for 3 months

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Post by tier1_aspirant_del » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:22 pm


you dont have to wait for your salary slips in order to apply for ur wife visa. You can do it without it. Here is a list of docs that I submitted with my wife's visa (still waiting for it ) -

vaf10 form
Her photo
Marriage certificate
Wedding photographs
My passport and visa photocopies
Maintainence fund bank statement for last 3 months on bank letter head
Job offer letter and employment verification letter from my employer
Accomodation proof - Rent agreement of my 1 bedroom flat in UK
NOC letter from landlord for my wife.
Sponsor letter

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Post by ragiroti » Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:24 pm

@ sppc42: Thanks for the detailed info it is very helpful.

I would like to know what did you fill in under section 5.1 in your VAF9 form when you applied for your visa?

Appreciate if you could reply at the earliest.

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FD Certificate from bank

Post by Vinu_Techie » Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:59 am

Hi ,
I am filing my wife's dependent visa and showing FD as maintenance funds .I am attaching the original Fd reciept and letter from bank stating
FD holder's name,Start date,maturity date and below statements
1)It can be liquidated and encashed at any point of time based on applicant's request
2)There is no loan aviled against the FD

Is this enough ..

Most Imporatnatly I need inputs on few questions of VAf10 form
I have not yet travelled to the UK and hav got a job starting from March
a)Question that asks -->what is the permission for main applicant's stay if already in the UK .
Should I write NA or Tier 1 general mirant(yet to travel)

b)Another question that says what is tentative job completion date .This is my permanent job so what should I write there

c)Then it ask for company address in the UK .Should I provide the address of the company that I am supposed to join or leave blank .

Also for dependent is it necessary to provide the Hotel accomodation details in the UK

Any hep will be appreciated as I am filing the application on coming Monday.