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Tier 1 Application VAF9 and pbsappendix1 related queries

Only for UK Tier 1 (General) points system

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Tier 1 Application VAF9 and pbsappendix1 related queries

Post by GouravSharma1981 » Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:16 pm

Hi, I am planning to apply for Tier1 visa by next month. I have some doubts in filling the forms. Please help me with these.

VAF9 Form Related Questions
Ques 1.
I have taken the printout of the form on A4 paper with back to back print option. Is this OK?

In Part4 - 4.1, Am I supposed to put my current residential address? The address mentioned in my passport is different from this one.
Is it OK? If not, should I put the address present in my passport in this section?

In part 4.5, If I put my native address in 4.1, then should i put my current address here or leave it blank if I put my current address in 4.1?

Ques 4.
In Part5 - 5.1, "Is your partner accompanying you or joining you later? If they are traveling later please provide their date of travel in Part 7."
I have selected option "Yes" but my wife will be joining me somewhere in the month of July or August 2011 as she is pregnant.
Should I put this valid date here or not?

In Part6 - 6.3, "Have you ever been refused a visa for any country?"
My Canadian visa was initially rejected in March 2006, as I did not submitted my previous work experience proof. Later I got the visa in the month of October 2006. Am I supposed to mention this detail in this section? I don't see any rejection in my passport, but the Canadian embassy people have put a stamp in the end of my passport at the time of rejection. Other than this there is no record mentioned in the passport for this.

pbsappendix1 Form Related questions

Ques 1.
In Part 3 - 3.1, there is a column "Grade(if applicable)". What shall I put here?
I was the topper of my university, shall I write this or leave it blank? I have a merit certificate as a proof for this.

Ques 2.
In Part4 - 4.5, the "start and end date" rows are only four.
Shall I use just one and write for whole consecutive 12 months time in it?
Similarly, in 4.6, how do I break my monthly salary of 12 months in the given 6 rows? Can I add some more columns on my own to write each month salary or how to do this?
I want to put my salary here in terms of months rather than whole 12 months salary for better clarity.

Ques 3.
In Section 4.9, shall I give complete details of my Employer and Bank?

Ques 4.
In Part 6 - For English language, I will be giving my B.Tech degree certificate as a proof (I will be using the same proof for claiming points for qualification) and will put a cross in 6.6 as I can see my university name on PBS calculator. This should be enough rt?

I got a salary hike two times in last 1 year. Am I supposed to provide any proof for that?
If yes then what kind of proof as my company just gives the hike letter via email as pdf.

Ques 6.
I am supposed to put my Gross salary for claiming previous earnings related points right? I mean complete salary as shown in pay slip before tax and epf deductions rt? If not then what amount?

Ques 7.
Some part of my salary is given in terms of medical reimbursement and other benefits just to save the tax. I can consider this as part of my salary rt as they are present in my salary slip?

Thanks in Advance :D

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Post by narayanss13 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:46 am

Hai ,
1.Better only one side per page.
2.I think this wont be an issue,you can use your present address.
3.No idea
4.No idea
5.Yes better give the details and ,when you attach ur passport they will check it.

pbsappendix1 Form Related questions
1.Graade means what clas i suppose,mention topper in the cover letter.
2.No idea
3.of course you should.
4.Better a ltrr from ur institute to mention the course language.
5.yes before tax.
6.Medical reimbersement or any other reimbersements are not valid better check the guidence

also before fill ur application see this ... ralmigrant

Hope its useful.

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Need expert advice on this

Post by GouravSharma1981 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:51 pm

Please someone advice me on these questions.

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Post by aruni4470 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:58 pm

A thanks would have been nice to narayanss13.

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Post by GouravSharma1981 » Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:31 am

"Thanks in Advance" was already there at the end of the post.