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Tier1 fresh -Gap in the Past Earnings, Pleae help

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Tier1 fresh -Gap in the Past Earnings, Pleae help

Post by shishir » Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:13 pm


I have a gap of 3 consecutive months out of last 15 months for the past earnings. Example as below
Sl No Month Employer
1 Jan-07 X
2 Feb-07 X
3 Mar-07 X
4 Apr-07 X
5 May-07 X
6 Jun-07 X
7 Jul-07 X
8 Aug-07
9 Sep-07
10 Oct-07
11 Nov-07 Y
12 Dec-07 Y
13 Jan-08 Y
14 Feb-08 Y
15 Mar-08 Y

I went to my home country for personal reasons and hence no salary for that period (August,Septemebr and October).

Tier1 Past earning Guide lines say that I cant calim first 7 months and last 5 months as my last 12 months earnings.

My Question is:

A) Will they consider first 7 and last 5 months
B) Consider only first 6 months and assumes accordingly
C)Consider only last 5 months and assumes accordingly

I will be gratful if any one can clarify my doubt.

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Post by Sushil-ACCA » Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:12 pm