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Applying for ILR with traffic offence

Only for UK Tier 1 (Investor) points system

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Applying for ILR with traffic offence

Post by Aper2020 » Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:31 pm

My name is David 26 years old (03.08.93)and I am currently on Tier 1 enterprenaur visa which I have extneded in 2019. My wife and kids have been holding dependant visas from the day 1 as well student visitor visa Before that.

I have been studying in the UK since the age of 15 and have had UK visa for last 12 years now.

I am now 5 years on tier 1 entrepreneur visa and sattisfying home office requirment of the investement as well as with the minimal number of employees which is 2 but i am currently employing 15 (all docs in order, coded fps and so on).
My start up bussines has now become developed business with over £1m turnover and £150k profit made last year and I believe this is ideally what type of investments ahat home office should be looking for.

As it was the time to apply for ILR i realised that guidlines were asking the applicant not to have any non-custodial sentences 24 months before applying for a settlement however i have had traffic offence which caused a fixed penalty notice which after i have defendet in court and was granted 3 points and a small fine (conviction is to drive the vehicle in dangerous conditions (tinted windows)). Obviously if i knew about this i would just agree to fps.

My question now is if having ideal case for ILR and beeing raised in the UK (from 15-27) (gcse,a-levels, bachelors, successfull startup) can me my wife and 2 dependants be refused to be granted an ILR.
One more time to undeline that my case is straightforward meeting each and everypoint of the guidline) as well as satisfying the 10 year root).

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Re: Applying for ILR with traffic offence

Post by Zimba » Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:48 am

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