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Things to get done after getting a Tier 1 VISA

Only for UK Tier 1 (Investor) points system

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Things to get done after getting a Tier 1 VISA

Post by mno2uk » Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:13 pm

Gurus n Everyone else..

Please guide me as to what all i need to have with me or get done when I prepare to enter UK.

I got my visa for tier 1 recently and its running already..

1. I need a Chest X ray
2. Latest bank statements ( can these carry more funds added on to them with FDs deposited into the bank after maturity and or salary payments.
3. Anything as per the weather ?
4. Umm..where to stay - should I carry any details of where i will be staying - can i be asked for the same at the Immigration check counter?
5. What happens when my passport expires and i get it renewed but the sticker stays in old passport ? Will i get a new passport (as is the case as i am told) and also is there a way to get the sticker repasted in the new passport from UK VFS office or someplace else when i am in UK or do i need to carry two passports always in this case?

Help with job search and a place to stay ?

Please guide and add to the list.. Thanks..
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Post by » Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:44 pm

The answers are as follows:

1. You can try taking Chest ray one week before you leave to UK so that it might look recent and will save time in Airport
2. Bank statements are not required. They are required only as Visa Proof. Please do carry the amount as per the cost of living and place of visit (for e.g. London may be costly, you may need to carry more if you are traveling to London) and more important, duration of stay.
3. Not sure about Weather
4. It is not mandatory to inform immigration regarding the place of stay unless they specifically ask for it
5. As far as I know, you will be re-issued a passport after the old one expires. Both of them need to be carried along.

Additionally I would suggest to establish contact with friends/people working in the same domain and get to know the Job market. You could register in Jobsites based on your domain and try searching and applying for jobs

Best Wishes

Raghavendran G[/list]