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Home Address and Correspondence Address

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Home Address and Correspondence Address

Post by UKLL » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:55 pm

Hello, I have got a question with regards to home address and correspondence address:

I have got a house in Yorkshire which is considered my home address. All bills are registered under my name and I live there now and then when I am on leave. When I am not there a room is rented out.

I work in London where I rent a room and stay in London for work.

Home Office has my London address in their database as I updated them when I moved to London for work. I also registered with London Met Police when I moved to this London address.

So my home address is the Yorkshire one and my correspondence address is the London address.

Should I update my address back to the Yorkshire one with the Home Office? On the online address updating page it says I can change my home address or correspondence address but the actual procedure only says Update home address.

Or does this actually matter?

Thank you!

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