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Possibility of applying for Licence and Permit together

Only for UK Tier 2 (Employer Sponsored) points system Tier 2

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Can you apply for your permit along with your employer applying for their licence?

Poll ended at Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:36 pm

Yes you can.
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No you can't.
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Possibility of applying for Licence and Permit together

Post by 6pandn21 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:36 pm

Hello folks,

Apologies if it is a repeat question but I couldn't find a straight answer and am getting conflicting views from two people who applied for similar visa. I want to apply for Tier 2 General and my employer are more than happy to do so. Now the problem is they don't yet have licence and even thought they won't mind applying for it, I only have about 26 days of visa left. So the only way I can see it possible is to apply the employer licence and and my permit together as I don't think I can wait for them to apply for their licence and then apply for my visa when (and of course IF) the licence comes. I know two relatives one of whom sent his permit application along with the sponsorship licence of his employer together and got the visa (2nd time after the employer was at first rejected the licence). Now another relative who recently applied for it THINKS that is is not possible to do so now. I am totally confused.

FYI, I am going to apply as Graduate Web Dev. I get a salary of 22,500 which is enough for my SOC code (22,300). If there are any people who deal with it professionally, I dont't mind paying for some personal help. Thanks.

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