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Tier 2 ICT Dependent to Tier 2 General

Only for UK Tier 2 (Employer Sponsored) points system Tier 2

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Tier 2 ICT Dependent to Tier 2 General

Post by bijoy5783 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:35 pm

Hi all,

Please help clarify the following information for me:

1.My wife is an Tier 2 ICT Dependent and she has completed her nursing registration formalities in UK now. She has been given an offer from a hospital here as well and she will be given a sponsorship letter for the visa along with the visa payment fees as well.
2. What I need to know is - does she have to return to India to apply to switch the visa or can she do it from here in the UK ?
3.We have two kids who are dependent as well and can we switch their visas from here as well ??
4. Being a Tier 2 ICT, can I switch the visa from here in the UK as well ??
5.What would be the overall timelines to get this applied and to get the visa ??

Can someone please help with these details ?? Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.
I know these are lengthy questions but please do take time and share the details you know.

Thank you


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Re: Tier 2 ICT Dependent to Tier 2 General

Post by katanayi » Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:12 pm

2. from home country
3. yes switch possible
4. yes as above
5. check time line thread in forum

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