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Change of Nationality: Tier 4 -> EU

Only for UK Tier 4 (Student) points system
Tier 4

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Change of Nationality: Tier 4 -> EU

Post by wdz123 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:11 am

Hello! There appears to be detailed advice on the Gov.UK website about procedures to be followed in the event of change of circumstances but neither of which (ToC or NTL) appears to relate to my case. I'd be grateful if someone can shed light on what seems to be a rather rare occurrence:

I entered the UK on a Tier-4 visa and subsequently received a Biometric Residence Permit. Later in the year, I acquired EU citizenship and more recently, I surrendered my previously-held citizenship on which I was granted a Tier-4 visa.

As an EU citizen, my rights are guaranteed (so far, at least). However, despite now being irrelevant, my BRP is still valid. Am I supposed to notify concerned authorities about a change? Can one possibly do so without "transferring conditions" to a new passport or applying for a new BRP?

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Re: Change of Nationality: Tier 4 -> EU

Post by Greenie » Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:35 pm

you should inform your tier 4 sponsor who will advise the home office of your change of nationality and subsequently of the fact that they are no longer sponsoring you under tier 4.