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Student visa extension problem after 9 yrs in uk.

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Student visa extension problem after 9 yrs in uk.

Post by Mhp1234 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:38 am


I came to UK in 2009 with 30 months Student visa.

Finished my education and applied for extension in 2011 with new sponsor. i have got refusal after 6 months due to an error from the HO case worker.appealed against the decision of HO, and after 1 year in 2013 won the appeal in first tier tribunal and have given 60 days to reapply with another sponsor.

Again applied with new sponsor in 2013 application was accepted and bio metric done as well and after 6 months again got refusal by HO stating they did not accept my application because of my last refusal is still pending in an appeal.

I have again appealed in the first tier tribunal against the decision as previously first tier tribunal have already granted my appeal. again won appeal in 2014 and given direction to home office to issue me bio metric permit for 60 days to apply again.

One another time i have applied in 2014 with new sponsor and after a year in 2015 home office refused my application saying the sponsor's licence was revoked and they issued me 60 days letter to find new sponsor.
( I NEVER RECEIVED ANY SUCH LETTER AT MY HOUSE).as the date they mentioned it was issued ,before that i have contacted them in writing and including 30 mins on call inquiry regarding my application status.

Again appealed against their decision in the tribunal with all relevant evidence. In 2016 i have won the appeal and direction was given to issue me new letter from the tribunal. after almost they took 1 year and in 2017 they issued me new 60 days letter with stating to give again English language test as rules was changed during the time ( SENT ME TRUE COPIED PASSPORT FRONT PAGE) .without send me my original passport back.

Booked my English test as soon as i got the letter on the date of exam they refused me because of No valid ID. showed them all the letter from the HO as it was stating they should be able to give me the test,But still they refused to give the test.

i wrote a letter to HOME OFFICE as soon as they refused me to give english test.

Now after a year in my 2018 they sent me the new letter with original passport to find new sponsor.

All these years i have my situation has been so difficult and struggled a lot mentally and financially.
Wasted lots of time and money behind all this in last almost more than 6 years. education fees and solicitors fees.

i have almost 6 years of Gap between my study and finding it very hard to get admission in just 60 days.
as many sponsor are not ready to accept my application due to all those issue i had.

Is anyone can guide me what should i do ???


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