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Applying for T5 YMS from Home Country or Country where I hold residency

Only for UK Tier 5 (Temporary work) points system
Also includes the Youth Mobility Scheme Tier 5

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Applying for T5 YMS from Home Country or Country where I hold residency

Post by Hayna » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:38 pm


I am coming to you today because I need some advice from people who don't know me and can be completely neutral and not judge me for the decisions I've made. If you are going to judge, please do not reply to my post. This isn't want I need. This might be a long post, I will try to summarize.

A bit of a background story : I am 24 and was born in Canada but moved in France in november 2012, being in a relationship with a French National. I arrived in France without a Visa, thinking I could ask for it once in France (that's what I had been told). Due to financial difficulties (my partner was on benefits and I wasn't able to work), I ended up overstaying in the country for almost 3 years. I got my first visa in February 2015, due to a civil partnership. So my actual visa is a Family Visa. I broke up with him in February 2018 but am unable to move out due to the requirements for my current Visa. The Civil Partnership is still active. I could ask my employer for a sponsorship, but I am currently looking for another job so it would be a bit pointless. I'll come back to this later.

When I tried visiting a friend in UK in march 2018, i got denied entry and sent back to France the next day. I had a return flight in 3 days time but told the border forces "I might stay up to a month". I didn't want to lie to them and being Canadian, I didn't think there was a problem considering I can stay up to 6 months with no visa. The lady got suspicious and started asking a bunch of questions. I was panicking so my answers were very confused and I probably gave out more information than I should have, raising their suspicion even more.

Basically :
- They couldn't contact my friend due to his cellphone having no battery
- I was on unemployement benefits at the time but was going to school (6 months course)
- I hold residency in France on the basis of a partnership with a French National but stated we split up
- Didn't have enough savings to stay for a month and had no proof I was going to get paid un a weeks time
- When they took all of my papers, I was carrying the T5 YMS application with me. They saw it and asked when I was going to leave. I said I didn't know because I couldn't afford it at present.

Not being used to travel, I didn't bring any papers with me either (proof of residency, income, etc.) so all I had were words to try and plead my case.

They finally decided my situation in France wasn't stable enough and, when the Immigration Officer gave me the notice of refusal of leave to enter, he told me it wouldn't keep me from coming back to UK but there were just too many uncertain things at the time.

My situation now : My Family Visa expires in June. I could renew it, but this would imply having to stay with my ex partner for 1 more year as I am 1 year away from being able to ask for the 10 years residency card. I currently have a permanent job, but part time and as a waitress so I don't really want to ask my employer for sponsorship as I would have to work there for another year. To add on to it, I am currently in a relationship with someone from the UK. The goal is obviously to close the distance. This is where the T5 YMS makes its entrance.

Considering everything I've been through and my current situation visa-wise, I wonder if applying for the T5 YMS from France is a good idea. There are a few pros about staying in France, one of them being the distance from UK, but there are quite a few cons too. My question is, wouldn't it be better, to the Home Office's eyes, to apply from my Home Country even though it's written I can apply from a country where I hold residency?

I'm just really worried my application is going to get rejected if I apply from France.

Thanks in advance for your help and if I'm missing some details or some parts are confused just ask and I'll answer the best I can. I'm just really confused and am trying to make things right.

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Re: Applying for T5 YMS from Home Country or Country where I hold residency

Post by CR001 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:45 pm

You can apply for a UK visa in any country you hold legal residence, ie. not a visitor.

You will need to declare your overstay in the form if it asks and your denied entry to the UK if it asks.
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