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Does anyone have clarity on what happens post-Brexit?

Only for UK Tier 5 (Temporary work) points system
Also includes the Youth Mobility Scheme Tier 5

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Does anyone have clarity on what happens post-Brexit?

Post by The Station Agent » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:27 pm

Hi all

I'm referring here to touring music and theatre workers (bands, DJs, theatre troupes, film workers etc.) who come temporarily to the UK each year.

Non-EU nationals mostly use Tier 5 CoS to do this (well over 30,000 Tier 5 CoS are issued to touring acts each year; the majority from the USA), but there is confusion over whether EU nationals might need Tier 5 CoS after a no-deal Brexit.

If there is a Brexit deal the government have said EU acts will be able to work here for up to 3 months without a work permission (3 months maximum) until the end of 2020, BUT.... DExEU spokesman Robin Walker said in Parliament on Feb 7 that if there is no Brexit deal then the 3-month visa-free deal for UK and EU nationals will only allow visits, not work. In fact he said it specifically in relation to a question about UK entertainers going to the EU, but we generally reciprocate. So if we need a work permit to go to France, then you'd think the French would need one to come here.

On Feb 13 Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes said:

"In the event that a deal is reached with the European Union (EU) on withdrawing from the bloc, there will be an implementation period between 29 March 2019 and 31 December 2020 during which nothing will change regarding the ability of EU citizens to come and work in the UK, including those working in the arts sector.
If the UK leaves the EU without agreeing a deal, the arrangements for EU citizens arriving in the UK after 29 March 2019, whether for holidays or for short visits, for work or study, of up to three months, will not look any different for a transitional period until the new skills-based immigration system is implemented in 2021."

This somewhat conflicting advice seems to say that UK musicians might need work permission to tour in EU nations after a no-deal Brexit, but that we will give EU nationals the right to perform here without work permission. That seems strangely incongruous. Does anyone on here have any news or views on this?