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Change status from 1-130 to F2A

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Change status from 1-130 to F2A

Post by Alwhite » Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:22 pm


I was wondering if somebody can give me advice regarding my I-130 application. To clarify: I am Mexican, living in London, married to a green card holder and intend to move to the US with him.

In May 2015 we submitted the paperwork to USCIS and in June 2015 we received the I-797C (Notice of Action), i.e. the receipt notice.
I was planning to move to the States in January 2017 and to enter the country with my B1/B2 which allows me to stay for 6 months, during which period I intended to change my status to F2A.
We were told by our immigration lawyer that USCIS will release a monthly bulletin where we can find our priority date or “Final Action Dates” sooner in order to adjust the status earlier. However, it appears that USCIS didn't release those dates yet and it seems that they have stopped doing this a while ago - is this true? Now I'm worried that our plans won't work out, since nothing has been released and our lawyer warned us that we now maybe have to wait till May 2017 in order to apply for a change of status.

So my questions are:

- When did UCSIS stop releasing the “Final Action Dates”? Did they just stop doing this? Or has this been known for a while? Was our immigration lawyer misinformed?

- Is there any chance that the dates might be released in the October Bulletin?

- What my "notice of receipt" imply exactly? Does it mean my case has been approved? Or what is the next step?

- Is there any way to get the status adjustment filed earlier than May 2017? Or was my immigration lawyer misrepresenting the situation?

Thank you