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Denying US Visa based on countries visited?

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Denying US Visa based on countries visited?

Post by sparobixcg » Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:02 pm

Has anyone heard of anyone being denied a work visa, ESTA, or green card based on countries previously visited? I know if you've visited Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria you can no longer enter on an ESTA, but would a previous visit to these countries mean your work visa or green card (say through the DV lottery) could be denied?

I was on holiday recently with an American who said that the US was now really funny about Turkey if it showed up that you had visited there, you may not be allowed entry in to the USA. I'd quite like to visit there this year but am reluctant to if it may mean entry to the USA would be denied further down the line (I plan on applying for a work visa next year). I can't find anywhere online though where it highlights Turkey as an issue?